intrance into Gallery.

IMG_3047IMG_3046IMG_3045IMG_3052IMG_3051IMG_3050IMG_3049IMG_3099IMG_3097IMG_3115IMG_3104IMG_3092IMG_3090Saturday 26th October. 2013. 4pm. The opening of my solo exhibition titled”  Faces- The Sufi Dargahs as Divine Doorways ”in the continuing series of ” aspects of Divinity”  series 10. This was unfolded at the Lovely Delhi based gallery called The Lokayata Art Gallery. which is in the Trendy area of New Delhi called Hauz Khas Village. after so much work both in Australia and here in Delhi. It’s finally up and looking just as I had visualised it to be–a Real show of Objective Art. put on by an Outsider Artist from the  Land down under. This magic installation. illustrating man’s Journey both physical and spiritual from the grave to the Tomb—–was Humbling for me to put together, When it was completed on Friday night it was most extraordinary – the dynamics of the circular gallery space just…stood still, the quietness was almost deafening. a presence was felt. something…

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  1. Like to read your sojourns! Now I, too, got to know what the exhibition is about, only, wish you would have done some close-ups! Just saying!! Heidi

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