intrance into Gallery.

IMG_3047 IMG_3046 IMG_3045 IMG_3052 IMG_3051 IMG_3050 IMG_3049 IMG_3099 IMG_3097 IMG_3115 IMG_3104 IMG_3092 IMG_3090Saturday 26th October. 2013. 4pm. The opening of my solo exhibition titled”  Faces- The Sufi Dargahs as Divine Doorways ”in the continuing series of ” aspects of Divinity”  series 10. This was unfolded at the Lovely Delhi based gallery called The Lokayata Art Gallery. which is in the Trendy area of New Delhi called Hauz Khas Village. after so much work both in Australia and here in Delhi. It’s finally up and looking just as I had visualised it to be–a Real show of Objective Art. put on by an Outsider Artist from the  Land down under. This magic installation. illustrating man’s Journey both physical and spiritual from the grave to the Tomb—–was Humbling for me to put together, When it was completed on Friday night it was most extraordinary – the dynamics of the circular gallery space just…stood still, the quietness was almost deafening. a presence was felt. something had entered the sacred space that had been generated by this installation of these 21 sacred images in this Gallery space.

The lighting of the lovely Indian bronze . 5 wicked lamp.  was very symbolic for me.  It was a welcoming to all the spirits of like mind to me to just be in this sacred space . and enjoy deeply all the lovely correspondences that went into the creation of this installation of 21 Faces of the Divine -manifestations in this circle of Truth.  There are just so many layers of teachings within each of these 21 images. one could almost write a book on them. the usual rag tag of people turned up for the opening 3 people and 2 cocker spaniels my usual crowd. various people both International & locals all said ” yes ” i will be there…..they mostly turned up but over a 6 hr period, thank god i am use to this dribble or rag-tags of friends and their strange ways.

Lots of people walk through this lovely Gallery—just glancing at the images . but most spend more time–the  girls looking at their cell Phone’s —Facebook no dougbt or even Twitter etc.  and the men just walk around in a daze scratching their private part’s—just like in Australia. but those few souls.  who have Ear’s in their Heart’s . and could see a little into the depths of the images and felt it, they though only a few . came to me with almost tears in their eyes and gently expressed their thanks to me for showing such pieces of Objective Art here in Delhi. India. To these souls i humbly say thanks. Mjw.


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