P1070944 P1070948 P1070949 P1070965 P1070961 P1070974 P1070953 IMG_3196 IMG_3202 IMG_3197 IMG_3200Friday 1/11/13. Packed up my show at the Lokayata Art Gallery last night. what to say ? you go to endless trouble to get the art works done, dragged all the way over here, you look at it for 7 days . It reveals to you only that which it want to….others sometimes see more ? It’s like a child growing up very quickly…conception -birth-growth-then It’s just gone, I t has a life of its own and thats the way it is…..I sent it in 2 suitcases back to Ozz- land this afternoon and as we know any child travelling costs its guardian a packet $$$$ too much. My stay here in Delhi over the last 10 days has really been Great. I have meet so many wonderful people both in the gallery during my exhibition and in the place i have been staying at The World Buddhist Centre. which is in D-137, East Of Kailash. New Delhi. A most wonderful place to stay. staff all Great.the manager Phuntsog could not do enough for me. and the fun and great love shared by Tashi Khetup words can not describe. a most wonderful gentle soul of the first degree. Thank you from the deepest regions of my heart. I am hoping to generate  a Mandala down stairs in the throne room tonight as a little completition ritual. to say thanks for all that I have experienced on many levels over the last 4 weeks of this Epic Sojourn.

Forgot to mention that I went last Sunday to the local Christian Church with my new Friend Karma T- a wonderful Tibetan monk from Sikkim ( see a couple of photos ) we attended  the Holy Mass . I took the Sacrament’s wonderful. the mass was in Hindi-lots of great singing, chanting, brainwashing. and was packed out. But still another way to reconnect with Greater Life. Kama T- also felt it too, a couple of photos at the gallery, last day …sad but still we move on.

So tonight I was allowed to construct the Mandala, that I would have liked to have done as part of my exhibition in the Gallery. But for some unknown reason it was not possible. So I asked Tashi Khetup if i could do it in the centres Throne room…?? yes, he said so after the evenings Prayers 6-7pm I constructed it up, well there was instant interest, what was this non Buddhist Mandala in the Throne room ?? Tashi loved it . he took various Photos and even videoed it. he was like lightening with his camera. I was a little surprised how it was liked especially when i told them the original idea was given to me in vision.

To me being allowed to build this sacred Mandala in such a wonderful Holy place was…..well words can not describe the elation and humbling process, A joy to do and share with others of like mind. the Mandala ritual of constructing was in saying thanks for all that I have received over the last 31 days in India. Mjw.


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