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A catch up sorry for this delay in posting.

Saturday 2-11-13. My flight from Delhi across to Bagdograh on the Eastern side of India went well. Good to finally leave Delhi after around 10 days of dust and the crazy drivers that one encountered each day going back and forth to the Gallery. I got a taxi from Bagdograh across to Kalimpong  high in the hills a 3-4 hr drive through quite pretty  forests. But hey the roads in this area are worth a visit – lots of landslides etc etc. Sometimes a lottery if you actually get through. I give the taxi and truck drivers 10 out of 10 for their daily drive up these mountain roads, servicing the local mountain communities. My destination Deki Lodge, Kalimpong. My old friend Kamal was there to meet me at the front gate. Moma, the owner, was delighted to have me back at her lodge once again. I think this is the 3rd straight year I have visited Kalimpong and feel very much at home in Deki Lodge. Cute little fluffy dogs, nice but plain food, clean warm room and hot water. All good.

I have come across here to Kalimpong for two things. One, to pick up some lovely sacred thanka paintings that I had ordered some time back from my friend Phenjo Bhutia. The paintings were of the Buddhist Deities, White Vajrasattva, Hayagrva-Garuda-Vajrapani as one image and Yamataka. Wow – all beautiful. Thank you Phenjo. The other reason to be there was to attend a healing Green Tara puja that had been arranged by Moma, the owner of Deki lodge. Last year when I was here in , Moma suggested I have a healing puja, which I did. It was a Long Life puja. At that time I felt it was very beneficial, so decided to have another puja on this visit. The 7hr Green Tara puja was performed at the Tibetan Monastery called Sed-Gyued-Datsang-Tantric College. Several monks chanted the Green Tara prayer …wow, just wonderful. I attended it for part of the 7hrs, during which I was taken away spiritually for about 1hr … can’t recall any of this process. I did ask the Lama, Lama Thuphen, about this. He just gave me a big smile. Some things are better left unsaid. But yes, worth the long travel to this area of India to experience this healing process. I feel very privileged to have had this sacred healing puja done just for me. I had a special connection with Lama Thuphen when I met him here last year. He reminds me so much of my dear departed spiritual teacher Dr Philip Grove. But the men have huge flows of Ambrosia to share with those in need. Speaking of sharing, I gave Lama Thuphen a little mandala that I drew just before going to India. This mandala is titled ”To Sojourn from state to state”. It was given to me in a vision and illustrates the total 41 day journey I undertook to India and back to Australia. Lama loved this spiritual map of my Sojourn. As I was in  Kalimpong for a few days and had time, I decided to do a full day visiting some local old temples and monasteries so hired a car and driver. It was worth it. Some very yummy places to enjoy. Next stop Kolkata.


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