Transforming Life-Vajrasattva empowerment & meditation.


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Sunday 1st-12-13, I had the privilege to attend the very sacred. holy Vajrasattva empowerment given by Lama Choedak. Rinpoche.under the title of ..

” Transforming Life – Vajrasatta empowerment and meditation “.

This teaching and empowerment was given at the Dolma Buddhist Centre in Eastwood. Sydney.a very deep and useful practice for those wishing to bring about change in their lives, e.g. past dramas, states of guilt, negative attitudes and perceptions of one’s self and others, this Buddhist approach in dealing with these ” states ” is known as ” Vajrasattva-meditation”. with a 7 step creative visualisation and recitation of 100 syllable mantra. the practitioners learn to bring about physical, emotional, intellectual and linguistic changes in themselves which have a profound effect of seeing things very differently. enabling liberation from the negative attitudes and perceptions of past events.

A full day of receiving ” Divine ” Grace through this wonderful teacher, Lama Choedak. though I am not a Buddhist, I still feel the arcane depths of these holy truths and will attempt to apply them in my daily Life. as our spirit needs to feed constantly on Divine truth for it to grow.

The Word Vajrasattva is a sanskrit word which means ” Diamond-Being ”, in Vajrayana Buddhism it is the principal of purity and of purification, Vajrasattva embodies the capacity to eliminate spiritual impurities of all kinds.

The word Vajra ( in tibetan, dorje ) means ” diamond ” or ” adamantine”. it is a symbol of indestructibility, it stands for true reality,emptiness ( shunyata ) the being or Essence of everything existing, This emptiness is indestructible like a diamond. i.e., imperishable and unknown or uncreated, The spotless purity and translucency of the diamond symbolises the perfect spotlessness of emptiness, untainted by all appearances that arise out of it.

Vajrasattva is a sambhogakaya ( trikaya ) manifestation, he unifies all the five  buddha-families within him self in the same way that the White colour of his body unifies all the five colours. With his right hand he holds a – dorje to his heart, Which signifies his indestructible Essence. His left hand holding a bell ( drilbu ) which rests on his hip, this is an expression of his compassion, The hundred -syllable mantra associated with him is used in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism for the purification of the Mind.

The hundred syllable mantra, here, one must remember, that a true mantra is in reality the sacred, holy Word, the Word of God, We should always keep this in mind as we chant each word, and attempt the holy visualisation of the Sadhana.

The 100 syllable mantra goes as follows…..

OM Glorious diamond Heruka Guard my vows.  Heruka, let me be firm, Be steadfast for me,  Be satisfied. Be favourable, Be nourished for me.  Grant me all attainments.make my Mind blessed in all actions. HUM HA HA HA HA HOH Blessed one, Diamond Heruka.  Do not forsake me.  Make me Heruka-like.  O great- pledge being.  AH HUM PHAT.

This day of receiving Vajrasattva empowerment and meditation, for me was a  lovely exchange of real truth via a Great teacher of esoteric Buddhism. May Vajrasattva be a real guiding light for those in need on the Path back to their Eternal Life.

Mjw. 3/12/13.


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