Rumi’s-Birthday celebration. 17/12/13.


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The most celebrated Poet- Rumi, His birthday is celebrated annually on the night of the 17th of December.This night is thus called Sheb-i Arus, meaning ‘Bride’s Night” or ‘Nuptial Night” because of the union of Mevlana with God. As Rumi’s epitaph states;


A Poem by Rumi.

Love and imagination are magicians Who create an image of the Beloved in your mind with which you share your secret intimate moments.

This apparition is made of nothing at all, But from its mouth comes the question. ” Am I not your Loved One? ”and from you the soft reply ” Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Inn Lillahi wa-inna ilayi raji un. = We belong to God and to God are we returning.

Those who have love for Rumi and his writings. We celebrate his Birthday with sharing of Zikr ( Remembrance of the Lord God) Poetry, dance & food with like minded Friends.

A Poem by D Andrew. ( USA ) 2013.


Plunge into lion-chested heart of love-Blood that transfigures Life above-Beyond sound, Light, even breath-  Let it fade away in gentle rest- The heart beats on but faintly yet in dissolving wisps of vanishing time- When space itself hangs suspended.

In Lilting Limbo the trapdoor gapes- To the gestating warmth of Cre-ation- The Love that drove itself to Be-To magnify in magnificent Beau-ty- Cosmic explosion of sheer rhapsody- Entranced in rapture of the Bliss- That beholds itself in manifest.

Here forever in my chest the beat arrests- Eternally converting to timelessness- Where space gives way to weightlessness- Such is the love deep inside my heart- Where my own soul all others embrace- To merge in one outpouring Life Source- Muse whose loving beauty’s art sublime.

A Poem by  M J Wright  2013.

THE  ” ONE ”

Who am I ? – Who am I ? – Who am I ? – Who am I ?

The mantra echoe’s to Past-Present-Future states. Who am I ? – Who am I ?

Cosmic …..whisper’s….. Gentle Zephyr touching the ” All ”- Golden door-ajar at last.

Blessed is thou- I seek thee So- Who am I- Who am I- Who am I ? – Who seeks the ” One .

All who have Ears of Gold in their hearts should be now sensing the deep presence of the ” One” flowing up to be expressed in things and processes such sacred Poetry, Dance,Painting, Sculpture,Literature.Exploration of Dream imagery. Sensing one’s Psyche, Journeying deep into one’s Subconscious,Studying the many aspect’s of sacred Prayer, to be a real Healer and to be at one with your self and your God.

A few Photo’s taken in Nth India in various Sufi places of Pilgrimage. 2013. Mjw.


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