A Sojourn to Fez-Morocco 9th to 23d June 2014


A real journey of discovery for both those who traveled with me, and myself, travel always brings out the Best & sometimes the worst in us.The Flight from Sydney to Guangzhou-China with China Southern Airlines took just over 9hrs—-I thought it would never end…..AAAAAArrrrrr…….perhaps I am getting too Old and impatient for Long-hall travel—we are told by those in the know,  that in the next Life,  travel is ”instant”—something to ponder upon and look forward to and no passports….our stay was here in China- transit was many hours…..but good to be able to walk around shake the body around and generally make fools of our selves without attraction attention of those in charge. the Flight from Guangzhou to Paris with Air France,  took jus under 13hrs—AAAAAAAArrrrrrr….I thought it would never bloody end….just about to flush my self down the you know” where ” when we were told to fasten our seat belts for our landing at Charles De Gaulle International airport in Paris. saved just in time,,,,,,,this was just another transit stop—1hr and we were on our way again, the flight to Casablanca in Morocco took around 4hrs, breezed throughout customs, etc etc at Casablanca and our driver Abdul and his nice 8 seater clean van was waiting for us -the drive to Fez took around 3hrs, lovely to be back in Fez-Morocco again after a 7 year break. We went straight to our lovely Riad in the heart of the Old medina. Lucky for us the same manageress was there from our last visit, A lovely Moroccan lady by the name of Hayat she remembered me and lots of the good times i shared with her late boss Jugen, sad , he passed away about 3 years ago.  After she settled us into our accommodation we all needed to Graze again so we all dispersed in all directions—perhaps in need of a little space …..we are all human by nature, and at our age perhaps need a little spaces needed……..and fortunately for me all those who entered upon this Sojourn over the following 14 days shared their lives, ups & downs, etc via their love of  wine, local cheese, bread, and variety of local French style cakes—this usually unfolded on the 3d floor out balcony mid way through the Sufi concerts being held just below our  lovely accommodation in the Old medina each night  from 11pm to 2am……..and so we Sojourned……Mjw…P1000002 photo 1-3 P1000004 P1000006 P1000009 IMG_3789 P1000020 P1000027


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