Fez-Morocco & Sacred Music.


Fez, I have been to this lovely one thousand year old City twice before over many years- past , and still I find things of Great beauty to both enjoy internally and to play with via digital Photography. the locals do not like their photo taken even if one offers to pay a little for the pose……their religion discourages figurative art to be displayed. Here I have great respect for their views and have attempted to avoid taking Photos of the locals.

Over the next couple of days all 9 of us immersed ourselves in the delights of Fez, dinner at Cafe-Fez. lunch at Cafe-clock. more lunch and dinners at LeCafe 44. A great dinner in our Riad-Riad-Lunu-et-Soleil that some of the group prepared during a cooking class, great Moroccan food & of cause a great drop of the local red to wash it down. At this dinner we read some Poetry in memory of our late Riad owner Jugen Moller, a great man and friend. a real loss to those who knew him- we shared many-a- story and glass of the Red Gold. the following is a Poem I wrote for him seven years back and wish to share it here.

The Riad keeper.

The key turns quietly- wooden hinges creak silently-the door is ajar.

Illumination by rays of light-eyes so bright-Jurgen, greets one with the heart of delight.

Fountain of  Truth-water on tiles- turtles waddle by.

Eyes so bright- seeker’s in search of Sufis- the Way, the Way of Light.

Food our Spiritual Good- delight of taste- Sharing of Wine.

To stay in Sol & Moon- crickets sing with delight- our joy of friendship.

The state of sharing- is our delight- this ” Riad ” of Jurgen’s is our light.        Mjw. 13/6/07.

It was a delight to read this Poem to Jurgen back in 2007 & again seven years later here in the same Riad in Fez. To Jurgen-live well and be at peace in the spiritual realm.

During these few days i got all 9 ticket-passe’s for all of the 9 nights & days of the 20th year of the  Sacred-Music-Festival which unfolded at various venues around & in the Old medina. this years theme was from the mystic Sufi ” Attar’s ”Conference of the Birds—Journey of Cultures”. we also managed to fit in a great half day tour of the Old medina led by Kamal. a well know local guide. After this we all trundled up to Le Cafe 44 in the Old medina for the opening of my first solo Outsider exhibition to be held in Fez-Morocco. The title of this exhibition was ” Faces of Visionary Man ” it consisted  of  21 A3 sized colour Photos. the Photo images were all taken in Nek Chands famous visionary garden in Chandigarh, Nth India. all images were take at various times over a 20 year period. the main reason for this show was in celebrating the artist Nek Chand’s 90th birthday later on this year. my way of saying Thank’s Nek Chand for your vision, and that it may inspire others to follow in your foot steps. All who attended this Photo -Installation at Le Cafe 44. I feel enjoyed it and all went away  with a little piece of Nek’s sacred garden of delight within their heart’s, not forgetting the Cafe’s owner Zaraha, a very Big thanks, without you and your enthusiasm for Life this would not have been possible in Fez, Life in Fez was starting to really wind-up a few notches …… as we were all getting excited about the 9 days of full on wonderful music that was ahead of us….Lucky us.   Mjw. P1000143 P1000047 P1000057 P1000058 P1000101 P1000103 P1000132 P1000142P1000143 P1000150 P1000160 P1000161 P1000159 P1000165 P1000179


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