Fez-Sufi music.Red wine and Poetry.


P1000092 P1000106 P1000179 IMG_3807 IMG_3804 IMG_3822 P1000190 IMG_4102 IMG_3897 IMG_4017 IMG_4358 IMG_4568 IMG_4197 IMG_4231 IMG_3955The day in Fez always starts with the huge breakfast in our Riad, after which the decision making begins.To wander down the old alleyways of the medina with your camera in an attempt to Photograph that special doorway that you have seen on all the Moroccan websites..? To go for a massage at the local Hammam ..? or perhaps buy that special hand made Berber carpet that you had dreamed of for ages ..? No what usually goes down after breakfast is the plunge into your technology- yes the struggle of the overseas SIM-card if you were brave enough to get one that is. Lots of suggestions on why it is switched on and is it really on ? Telstra told me in confidence that global roaming costs were the same as climate change…somebody else’s issue, MMMMmmmm…..After about an hour of this Argy-bargy we all disperse saying that we should all meet a such & such Cafe for coffee and French cakes …..usually this never happens because shopping always seems to lead most of us astray–and so it should we are all on holidays with Red Hot credit cards loaded with $$$.. In and around the beautiful Old Fez medina you can find all sorts of yummy things that you want and need  desperately …the shopping frenzy begins and for some only concludes at the departure gate at Casablanca international airport, I just Love it—A mirror of just what and how I used to be–I need to buy very little these days when travelling. usually stuff that i can use later in my art-work processes and thats it.

The huge Music program over the nine days of the festival-Wow, a little overwhelming but there is a special venue and musicians to suite even the hardest critic to enjoy and take home very special memories of some of the performers. Some of these wonderful performances were Rokia Traore from Mali, Robert Alagna from France, Luzmila Carpio from Bolivia, Bardic Divas from Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan, The choir of Saint Ephraim from Hungary, Majlis Trio from France,Jordi Savall from Spain,Khalil Abu Nicola from Palestine, ( yes Palestine is a country ) Qawwali-The Marifat Band with Mohammad Zafar Iqbal from Pakistan,Tomatito Sextet from Spain with a special appearance by Omar Bouzmaazought from Morocco,Nouhaila AL Kalai from Morocco, Zakir Hussain, tabla and Percussion from India, Ustad F, Wasifuddin Dagar from India. Kadim AL Sahir from Iraq, Coumbane Mint Ely & Raza Khan from Mouritania, India, ( they were my favourite’s ) Buddy Guy & the Hot Brass Band from USA. plus of cause the sacred Sufi concerts held each night in Dar Tazi. some of the performers were The National Tijani group of Rabat, Saqalia Zaouia group from Fez, Naqchabandia Zaouia . directed by Nourreddine Tahiri. The Hamdouchia Zaouia group from Fez directed by Abderrahim Amrani and lots more.  please go to ‘The Conference of the Birds ” 20th edition. of the Fez Sacred Music Festival 2014 at http://www.festival.com   for lots more information on this years festival held in Fez. Morocco.from 13 to 21st June.

A visual feast for the eyes and senses, Wow, loved it. took lots of Photos of both the concerts and the Old medina area in Fez. not sure what i will do with them ? perhaps a Photo book..? Photo exhibition or just put them in the massive pile of other travel Photos that need to be sorted and dealt with at a later state in my Sojour through Life..Yet another wonderful experience for me and hopefully the other 8 Music lovers who traveled with me from Sydney.

Yes I am a little late in Posting this Blog as now i am in Paris, but better late then never . Fez does tend to engulf one in its Mystical state. So be aware if you are thinking of venturing into its wonderful alleyways during next years Sacred Music Festival next year….



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