Paris-Crypts & Outsider Art.


Travelled by fast train from Paris down to Chartres, wow took only one hour, train was clean and comfortable great views of the local countryside with its quant houses etc. The main reason to go to Chartres was to see its famous Gothic Cathedral. the village around the Cathedral was very French with a strong flavour of tourist blood.The deep pocket economy here was in full- thrashing mode and we were its wheat. lots to see in and around the Huge structure……Did I tell you it was Huge,,,,?..Wow It was Huge I have never see such a Huge man made structure before ( perhaps the egyptian pyramids are bigger ? ) It seemed to reach heaven…like Jacks Bean-stalk…how did people manage to make such a Huge Holy sacred structure in around 1200-AD let alone design it to completion and we don’t know who actually designed and carried out the Planning-construction to completion. The whole structure is full of symbolism and true teachings of an esoteric nature for those who are open to it. The vaulted roof, Pillars supporting it, dimensions of each section of its interior, stained glass windows, doorways,sculptures, we could go on and on, not forgetting the huge Crypt that runs underneath it, this Crypt of cause represents what the ancient egyptians referred to as the Duat or underworld or in modern Trans-personal Psychology the unconscious. very deep esoteric stuff to deep to go into here now. This huge place (state) I will return to at a later date I hope..did I tell you I walked its sacred Labyrinth which is over a Thousand years old. I can’t imagine who and how many thousands of both ordinary folk & pilgrims entered upon this sacred Pathway and how they were effected during and after the sojourn around and to the centre which has a seven fold Path of Life’s Great journey. Remember the seven fold process corresponds to a total state of Holiness. This walking process itself represents man or woman going forth into greater life–spiritual Life itself. So, a very Great experience for me loved it. Did I tell you how Big this Cathedral was..? I won’t tell how big our tour guide was or how many times he told us of his recent published book on this huge place….Bloody-Lots,
After this lovely Sojourn through the Cathedral-Crypt & Labyrinth we jumped a local bus to the late Raymond Isidores place some 2ks from the centre of Chartres. This man nicknamed Picassiette–meaning plate stealer or the Picasso of plates.He started building his house and then mosaicing all that was his. from around 1938 till his death in 1964. His gardens, the patterns, symbolism of his both historical & religious scenes. all full of true love for what he has left behind. and lucky us, it was all left to the City of Chartres. and now is lovingly maintained and opened to the public for all to enjoy. I need to thank Raw Vision Magazine based in London for telling me of this hide away treasure of true French Outsider Art.


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  1. I just loved your story of visiting Chartre and walking the 1000 yr old path…..I have always had a desire to visit this enormous cathedral and see the black madonna; having spent 6 years as a teenager investigating the precincts and listening to my brother sing in the Lincoln cathedral choir…Lincoln is in the east midlands of England. My father’s life was always mysteriously wrapt into this cathedral, where he met our mother after the war. Inside the Lincoln cathedral is a Lincolnshire imp…which every kid went looking for, hidden way up to the side of the high alter. It was an invitation to all of us to love our own impishness and for parents to forgive us when in such a blissful naughty state of being! We knew the verger and were able to climb up onto the roof and look for miles and miles. Housing the map of Mundi and a university cathedral way back in the 13th -14th century…I always felt honoured that I could visit whenever I wished to….such a quiet place of awe!

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