Basilica’s-Gothic-Cathedral and Artists.


IMG_5542 IMG_5543 IMG_5574 IMG_5590 IMG_5621 2 IMG_5630 IMG_5633 IMG_5649 IMG_5670 IMG_5674 IMG_5679 IMG_5681 IMG_5692Over the last day or so we have trundled back and forth between Montmartre and the centre of Paris usually by the great metro. we finally figured it out…. or perhaps just me..? Susi knew it all along and was testing me. but its a great way to get around Paris I must say. I finally went back to the lovely huge Sacre-Coeur-Basilica.  just above where we are staying and took a couple of lovely Photos of the huge mosaics on the domed ceiling of Christ with his arms outstretched..Wow…I wanted to take these Photos the first time i visited this Holy place 2 weeks back.  but as they have a rule No photography. I obeyed it…then talking to one of the two attendant guards about this rule he said well if i am looking the other way when you take a couple of Photos…no harm done, Life is sometimes too complicated and we need to bed the rules a little. after this encounter i walked around to the little church off the artists square. here is a lovely Madonna statue dedicated to  artists…we all needa little help.  even artists lots of good stained glass windows to photograph. on the way back to the apartment i bumped into one of the local artists who does great drawings of passing tourists. We talked and gossiped about the local art scene . he then did a lovely watercolour painting of me …I asked jokingly make me look a little younger please 1hr later and 30 Euros lighter i was the owner of a lovely water colour painting of me and yes—i looked about …mmm say 40…? Then Susi and i caught the metro into town to visit the huge Sainte- Chapelle -Cathedral…Wow -Wow-Wow..just huge and beautiful lots to photograph here. the huge windows seemed to go up to heaven the whole structure was a smaller version of Chartres Cathedral…they knew how to build huge beautiful structures in the 13th century and party as well. dinner at the best local restaurant…very yummy food  can’t recall the name for now.  must have been all the red plonk we consumed…..

So today is our last day in this wonderful City. i got up early 6;30 AM and down to the La Halle Saint Pierre Gallery- museum . its the biggest Outsider gallery in Europe ( i think ? ) here i was tempted to put up my Nek Chand  Photo installation titled ” Faces of Visionary Man” this Photo -installation I had shown in Fez. Morocco last month. Hey the temptation and me being an Outsider artist.  So I just went for it. neatly stuck up the 21 A3 sized onto the outside wall no one around except a few street people and cleaners all approved of what i was doing and enjoyed seeing a free Outsider show first thing in the morning.  though i must say i did not enjoy sidestepping the puke and smell of piss on the pavement from the night before party goers….but still my first show in Paris-tung- in -cheek… later brunch with our old friend Victor we adopted him some years back on a visit to Turkey good to catch up with him on our last day…so pack up all our goodies, dreams, dirty washing, jot a few bits of chicken feed on this blog and prepare for our 36 hr journey home. Mjw. 8/7/14.


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