P1000376 P1000379 P1000364 P1000357 P1000362 P1000369 redf1Sunday 27/7/14  after much Argey-bargy,  we had our first lunch gathering of the Fezzie’s. just over a month since our swanning around the Old medina of Fez. MMMMmm…the charm, beauty, colour, sounds and smell of this Place, hard to describe, you have to be there and drink it in to really appreciate it fully. not forgetting the huge sacred music festival which ran day & night for 9 straight days…..Fez, I love you and will return next June to discover more of your hidden secrets.

Lunch was great, every body brought a different Moroccan inspired dish to share. very yummy. we shared good stories of each individual’s Sojourn covering our 2 weeks in Morocco. lots of good bonding-laughtening at our moments of silliness. John wrote a wonderful Poem of the Sojourn –sorry i have not as yet received a copy when i do i will share here. John also put together a wonderful coffee table book of his insights during our Fez gathering–We will do a similar book of Fezzie Photos & thoughts. …Soon, We will gather again at around the end of September for another lunch-gathering at a Fezzie’s place.

These Fezzie gatherings,  perhaps may take on a Life of there own. considering I am already planning next year’s Sojourn to Fez for another Great Sacred Music festival to be held in June. lots of interesting people are putting their hands to go. lets see how it all turns out .I am looking forward to being back in lovely Old Fez again.



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  1. Mr Muffty I love ya hat…..and the capture of the ‘feel’ for the place. It’s tempting…is ya girl gonna go with you next time…and how much lotto winnings would cover the trip etc…general cost without the pocket money….sending loves from the tropical north xox

    • Yes-Yes-Yes and $2.900—covering all tickets for 9 day sacred music festival ( app- 35 concerts ) accommodation and breakfast, 2 local Tours, all group transport in Morocco—bloody cheap..and you get the company of SP & Me…..Luv Mjw,,,

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