Sojourning to Fes part 1.


The usual ” Argy-bargy ”presented itself fully dressed before my Sydney departure on the 19th of May. for here, lovely Old Fes,The usual bloody International flight wow’s….will it ever End ? when are they going to feed us again ? why are the seats so small ? ( their not, we have put on weight since our last flight ) will I watch this movie or that one ? we have either seen them on Foxtell cable channel or on an earlier flight…will they put 10 new movies on before my next flight  ?….who really cares, 24 hrs travel time + stop overs between Sydney and Casablanca is just too much for just 2 weeks in lovely Fes. the joys of leading a group of Fessies here for yet another Great Sacred music festival. It’s just full on, too much for the senses to tale in and digest. today is the 6th day of this unfolding magic carpet of sound. check the official we-site for more details at I will post some Photos of a few concerts i attended.

As well as the Sojourn to fes with my gang of 7 fessie’s I was very lucky to have been offered a spot for a solo Outsider show in the Alif centres Riad. thanks to the director David Amster and the curator Omar Chennafi. this Photo installation unfolded on Friday 22/5/15 in the centre beautiful old Riad in the old medina in Fes. it runs for 9 days. the title of this body of work is ” Aspects of Street Art – Light and Shadow ‘ a nice Photo installation of 90 colour Photos, all taken around my local area in Balmain, Sydney, over the few weeks, before my departure here for Fes. re- my comment  on the” Argy – bargy ” process earlier on. I do feel very privileged to have beeb offered a space in the centre at such short notice and I again thank all the staff and students of the centre who made it happen for me.

Mjw.Aspects of Street Art - Light & Shadow P1080568 P1080556 P1080512 IMG_5991 IMG_6691 IMG_6704 IMG_6712 IMG_6711


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