Sojourn to Fes part 2.


IMG_6748 IMG_6766 IMG_6852 IMG_6813 IMG_6782 IMG_6844 IMG_6776 IMG_6786 IMG_6830 IMG_6833 IMG_6812Sojourning implies travel from place to place or state to state in lovely down-town Fes I think it implies travel from music venue to restaurant to Riad to music venue all good destinations. so far the music has been fantastic. stunning….like a beautiful woven carpet been unrolled..lots of tourists have appeared from where ever…? all adding to Fes’s vibrant colours. speaking of which my gang all went to the beautiful ” Blue City ” about 4hrs drive Nth of Fes, Wow, a true celestial place/state So beautiful all ” Blue ” everywhere the buildings were painted this colour and yes we all know that blue is the primary colour for raising your blood pressure..and fast,,,,,yes in no time at all i was almost jumping out of my skin….attempting to enter the Void. must have been the distraction of lunch that saved me…our guide did the usual Blar- Blar- Blar- then straight to a very expensive carpet shop …even Gurdjieff would have been impressed if he was still around …with the way this guide swiftly  moved and extracted cash from us…Well, some of us, but this City of Blue was the closes’s that i can say that I have been to the celestial state….and I have the photos to show for this short Sojourn, Enjoy.



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