Sojourning- Fes to Casablanca,


Monday 1st-June, lots of good-by’s, Sheetal off to Istanbul, Kerry off on her big adventure to the south of Morocco. the rest of us preparing for the 4hr drive to Casablanca. Big last breakfast in the lovely Riad Lune et Soleil in Fes. big farewell’s to the staff who looked after us so well over the last 12 days. I dismantled my Photo installation in the Alif Riad. Lots of ideas shared here regarding my return to Fes next year and what Omar and I could collaborate on ….It’s almost endless, but very much looking forward to putting our various ideas together to present to the director of the Alif, David Amster. A Great 9 day solo show for me here in Fes. Loved it,  thank you Omar and David for giving me the opportunity to again present my ” Aspects of Street Art ”in Fes.

The road to Casablanca, all looking too familiar…….a road much travelled…4hrs and we are in Casablanca. dropped off Laurie, Michelle and Kim at the airport.  all leave on the 10pm Flight back East….Susi, Robert and I stayed in the Central hotel in Casablanca, yes very central, a little tied,,,,,manager full of jokes etc etc etc…..but quite and clean, I would go back there again. dropped our bags and wandered around the Old medina for a few hours nicer then the Fes medina, cheaper, cleaner and less people harassing you, lots of good Photos here …for me.  Grazing time again presented it self—-after some wanderings for a food spot we found the Casablanca food bowel—Bloody- bloody-Yummeeeeee…..called  Lesqala down by the waterfront …Yummeeeee….after which we all staggered back to our tied old hotel….sleep came quickly.

Taxi out to Casablanca International airport for our 12-45pm flight to Malaga in Spain..saw Robert off for his flight to the UK. then attempted to check in at Air Morocc ….MMMMMmmmm….?? they said we were flying with their sister Ibearian airways…off we went to see them …of cause it was at the other end of the air terminal. they seemed happy to see us….?…but No they had no idea what we were talking about ..?…they had no record of us flying with them any where in the World let alone Malaga…? But could sell us seats on the next flight of their’s to Malaga for around $500-Aust each…this was leaving in around 45 minutes….AAAAArrr Tooooo Late…..Too Bad, I started to feel that perhaps Air Morocc was shafting us….MMMMmmmm…..?  Back to Air Morocc check in ….Arrr yes they said you have come a day too early …you are booked on tomorrow’s flight to Malaga…silly you, bullshit I said under my breath…. here i still wanted the the flight. so stayed calm….” just ”….yes you will have to come back tomorrow at the same time… I was pissed off,,, thanked them nicely then we fronted the information office of Air Morocc….lovely lady gave us the good news….yes the Flight had been cancelled and of cause they rang us in Australia…..problem was we were in Morocco and did not receive and notifications….even if they were sent..? So they gave us vouchers for the local airport hotel called the Relax hotel…..MMMMMmmmm Big is not always beautiful….but size does matter…So they say..? room clean, cool, etc service good, nice pool, ..FOOD WAS JUST BLOODY AWAFUL AAAArrrrrr I have tasted better ” slop ”in India in there early 1970s. just dreadful. we jumped a taxi back into CasablancaIMG_7221 IMG_7245 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7252 IMG_7260 IMG_7298 for a few hours….hot, and it was just time too move on. back to the lovely Relax hotel for the night…..strange the food was just edible for dinner….big sleep in preparation for hopefully or cross-over to our next Sojourn being Spain.


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