Sojourning in Cordoba-Spain


Friday 5th June, settled into our lovely second floor apartment in the Old quarter. a little noisy with tour groups doing their Bla- Bla- Bla stuff outside our bedroom window up till about 11:30pm. I have threatened to flash my self on the balcony but was told by you know Who…they, the tourists may just start laughing at me……. I will rethink this idea.  Cordoba is very cute, lots of little winding alley ways. tapas bars, cool courtyard restaurants very yummy food. cheap good red plonk. lots and lots of full on churches just around every corner….best time to find them open is around 9-pm in the evening. when the locals attend mass. A photographers dream if you are into full on Catholic gold over the top Religious art. just love it. took lots of lovely Face Photos over the last 3 days. not sure whereI will exhibit them….?…any suggestions please would be welcomed here.

Today we visited the huge impressive Great Mosque of Cordoba, which of cause, is now a working Christian Cathedral ..God hedged his bets both ways here, let me tell you it is just beautiful- beautiful- beautiful spent hours here lost in a forest of dazzling arched columns not forgetting the huge collection of Christian art Wow- Wow – wow just over the top. camera and mind on over load, took about 300 Photos. after this religious adventure we wandered the warren of streets, checked the local castle and beautiful gardens out. lunch. more walking, am I loosing weight..? only if i can stop eating cakes etc etc…lunch in a local rather nice restaurant then back to our lovely air con apartment….its bloody hot 36 degrees. another day in Paradise. we are on holidays even though this afternoon  I did speak to the director of the gallery called ” Sala El Po Tro.”IMG_7365 IMG_7367 IMG_7375 IMG_7400 IMG_7405 IMG_7417 IMG_7607 IMG_7445 IMG_7462 IMG_7463 IMG_7480 IMG_7476 IMG_7511 IMG_7514 IMG_7611 IMG_7659 IMG_7648 IMG_7766 which is just below our apartment. about possible exhibitions here..? Outsider Artist has gotta do what they do..Tomorrow we go to Seville to look at the local sights. enough for now i need to sleep.

Mjw 5/6/15.


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