Saturday 6/6/15, missed our early morning wake up call, missed our booked taxi, MMMmmmm…not a good start to our day trip to Sevilla to see the huge lovely old Sevilla Christian Cathedral. of cause it was not open when we arrived at 10am….opened 11am. so off we went to visit the lovely old Royal palace and garden. Wow, this place is huge, the garden with lots of beautifully layed out gardens, exotic plants, stunning fountains and lovely old hedge maze. many hours later, gallons of water to quench our thirst. nice lunch, 3:25pm over to the Cathedral for a spiritual feast. no we were told by the doorman this entry doorway is for groups only…No chance of us getting in here. we must go around to the other side of this huge building to entrance A. off we trundled……. in the hot afternoon sun. 3:31pm, entrance A. the same guy says No the Cathedral just closed for a private function. come back tomorrow….I was one of many tourists who wanted to drag him from behind the large- very closed steel gates and give it to him…..Fu…….., What to say… I did say in my best Spanish that I would write to the Pope and complain about how we were treated….perhaps I may even write it in Bloody Latin. Dam Christians have won again. if it were a Buddhist Gompa we would not be treated this way….they have lots more Compassion and a less money oriented. In disgust we wandered off down town….MMMMMmmmm….like any other European City. lots of banks, handbag shops etc etc etc etc….it was still very hot about 38 degrees as we strolled I did manage to take a few shop dummy Photos…..look great, I want to have a show in Japan next year of the rather funny Face’s -but very serious dummy personalities….each has a real fixed personal expressive Face, Susi say’s I am getting a little weird  regarding taking Photos of these images…..hey at least i am not chasing blow up dolls. A grazing moment at McDonalds…..yes we were desperate…that is I needed a milk shake….No they don’t do milk shakes here in Spain…???…this was McDonalds I am sure…?…perhaps i was visiting another Planet…?…and the bloody chips were soggy and cold…..Very dissapointed …..things are bad when you are unhappy with McD– food. fast train back to Cordoba. dinner out at a yummy local grazing place ( not giving the name as you will all want to go there and spoil it ) but it was bloody fantastic, Yummeeeeee.

Sunday 7/6/15.up early wandered up to the local Christian walled cemetery. just in time for a mass in the little attached church.  loved it. took lots of Photos in the cemetery of lovely old grave stones, statues of angles, images of Christ. crosses etc etc etc after which we retreated back to our air-con apartment for a sort of day of rest as its still very hot. about 6pm we wandered up to the old Cathedral for a huge Christian annual celabration of the sacred CORPUS CHRISTI process. lots of local Royalty. notables. and would be’s if they could be. all made up a huge procession from within the cathedral after a long mass. we wanted to join in with the locals but were screened out as Outsiders, tourists….Fu….I did say I was catholic and flashed one of my old credit cards around saying that I was a fully paid up member of the Mafia….No- No -N0 said the big fat  security bully. who was there just to keep people like me out….I would wait my chance IMG_7870 IMG_7880 IMG_8019 IMG_8025 IMG_8030 IMG_8034 IMG_8047 IMG_8094 IMG_8095 IMG_8194 IMG_8128 IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8144 IMG_8209 IMG_8164 IMG_8172 IMG_8211 IMG_8234 IMG_8233moment……… never came. 90 minutes later out came the procession of the ” Inner-circle ” of the bloody local Religious Elite….a little of Hollywood flavour—mixed with Religious Piety. colourful, yes, spiritual No, reminded me of a public Masons meeting-gathering. but took a few good Photos here of some lovely old flag- symbolic- Emblems of a Holy nature. after this back to graze at out favourite restaurant. then bed, we go by train to Granada tomorrow. different place = different state. Mjw.


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