Saturday 13/6/15. Granada Dreaming, wow the view from our balcony window of the huge old beautiful Alhambra complex is just stunning. as they say about real-estate, location, location…..and we have it. good to be here in Granada. little cobbled-stone-alleyway streets, a real ” Mad-Hatters ” rabbit warren. but after a few adventures of getting lost. we worked it out. its the old–up the hill to home, down the hill for food…two basic needs- they always generate a keen awareness of your state and needs out of which one then starts to observe one’s surroundings keenly.

The weather here is much kinder then in Cordoba, hovering around a nice 24degrees. good walking weather. though I have to say the climb up the hill to our lovely apartment is starting to wear me down…..must be time to move to our next ”Sojourning-state”in Nothern Spain…….we have over the last 6 days visited lots of lovely old churches. taken lots of iconic Photos of beautiful religious figures……what i will do with these Photos…?…who knows. but the Big day out was visiting the huge Alhambra complex across the river from our apartment….up very early,6:15am straight up there after a quick breakfast.7:15am lined up…60 odd people ahead of us in the line very limited tickets.8:30am.  with tickets in our hot little hands..we are in, god I feel wiped out already, I don’t do early mornings well, the place was full of tour groups charging around trying to complete their tour ( costing 50 Euros each ) in 3hrs……we wandered around this huge complex for several hours and only saw about 3 quarters of it…….just over the top, beautiful Persian Garden after Garden.  loved the very sacred beautiful marble fountains, most were in operating mode…a bonus. the beautiful old Moorish architecture, building after beautiful building, charm, Grace, Beauty of deep Spiritual state’s,just waiting to share them-selves with those with Ear’s to hear their call. here I wrote the little Poem titled ”Divine Garden”(see below) by about 2pm we were done, total overload, a slow retreat back up the hill to our welcoming apartment. afternoon snooze—–I could get to like this afternoon treat….MMMMMmmmm……,over the next few days we entered lovely Old churches, Cathedral’s, Museums and discovered some lovely modern commercial Art Galleries, which I checked out for possible later on exhibitions….but do I want to show here in Granada…?…huge effort to get here even if i was offered a space..We attended a most wonderful intermit performance of Flamenco dancing….yummy. very very cool Dancers. we both loved it. dinner out after, tapis first of cause, then another stagger up the bloody hill in the dark….

Friday-12/6/15, Received an early morning E-mail from Nek Chands son  Anuj Saini. based up in Chandigarh, India, informing me that his Father.  the Great Indian Outsider Artist. Nek Chand had passed away early this morning. this was very sad news for me. Nek Chand was one of the Greatest Outsider visionary Artists of our time, What a Great man, and what a legacy he has left behind for all to see and enjoy. A real spiritual fantasy World created in 3d from his psyche……for generations to attempt to understand and unravel as they Sojourn his Fantasy- Garden- Labyrinth….He will be missed Dearly. may he rest and enjoy peace till Eternity in his Spiritual Rock Garden.

We are looking forward to our next destination. Barcelona, which we will Sojourn to on Monday night. the dream continues….Yipeeee,

Divine Garden

Rose of White….Divine by essence….Gate’s of Grace.

Light and Shadow…Fountains of Truth…Four square deep Within.

Garden’s of Light…Four square with abundance of Life…Doorways of Gold.

Seeking the Light…Guided by Grace…Eternity in sight.

Truth filling the Soul…Baraka felt deep Within…heart felt states of Grace.

Reciprocal feeding the Light…Garden Divine…To remember- To Remember Garden Divine.



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  1. Hey you two

    how beautiful it is in the alhambra -the deep feelings so magically expressed in your poem -the drip of the water so the reflection remains as is and not perfection as the divine, the carved arches the intricate patterns, and weaving of tiles and colours so sensual and rich -lovely to revisit in my mind. There with you in spirit and so saddened by the passing of Nek Chand Busy looking after my Boy who is very sic at the moment Love to catch up when you return to our fair shores

    xxxxm .


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