Sojourning Barcelona- Spain.


Sunday 21/6/15. this 5 week Sojourn is coming to an end as we leave for OZ Land tomorrow, So what does Park Guell, La Sagrada Familia, La Catedral, Palau de La Musica, Casa Batllo, Fundacio Joan Miro museum, lots of very Long walks, yummy food, did I tell you yummy food?… Wow. I have aquired a slight waddle…MMMMMmmmmm……..not forgetting lots of wonderful locations for cool Photo taking…..I can see a few small solo exhibitions coming forth out of Sojourning  this place- Barcelona, not forgetting the previous places Cordova and Granada which we visited and loved also. but lets see how things turn out when I am back in OZ Land regarding Photo – installations, etc etc. Speaking of Photo’s, I just love the ” Street-Art ” here in Barcelona, It’s just about everywhere in the little alleyways, especially on the iron shop fronts- shutters, all very different, most very well done,  usually with a message illustrating the goods that the shop sold. here i was most impressed with the sheer variety of images, loved it, I took hundreds of Photo’s,  of these images and will show lots of them in one of my current series on ” Aspects- of -Street -Art ” say in a couple of months back in OZ Land, I will just need a venue…? one will manifest this I am sure of. All of these wonderful visually stimulating, famous artistic places,  just over loaded the senses…..both Susi and agreed on this, Wow. example was the La Sagrada Familia, by Goudi, it is his Modernista masterpiece, a true earthly temple for God and man to come face to face……truly a taste of the ” Heavenly Realm ” in stone, stained glass, marble, deeply symbolic sculptures laid out in an exquisite Sojourn that only the Man, Goudi could have conceived. this place ( spiritual-state ) is a real vision of where we may…end up in the spiritual realm after we pass-over, the physical cathedral itself is still very much a work in progress and will be so for around another 10 or so years………. but the wait for its completion will be worth it, this i am sure of. Goudi’s other master pieces are just over the top—visually, very whimsically attuned to waving curves and wonderful dragon theme’s….not forgetting the colours–Wow. I am not going to write on the other places visited over the last 7 days as you the reader would want to read up on these places yourself….the exception was Miro’s museum which we visited this morning. good 45 minute walk from our apartment on La Rambla which is on the 5th floor over looking the main street—love it, great views, great light…little noisy….but who cares when your in the middle of Barcelona and being part of the whole whirling-mass process, back to Sojourning to Miro’s museum. great walk up to it , lots of street art Photos on the way…a bonus for me. the building is very new, very modern, lots of his art covering all of his artistic working life up till his death. some nice early pieces that he collected along the way e.g.- Max Earnst, etc etc. he collected just like anybody would as they were exposed to others like him during the early part of the 19th century. during the early turmoil of the new century….new art-forms were coming forth as the Modernist movement exploded. back to Miro, the pieces that I just loved were his very colourful sculptural pieces on display on top of the Museum’s building…just loved these sculptures, something very clean and fresh about them…perhaps just their simplicity and colour. not so much the physical volume, but their ” state ” that evoked a deep something within me for me to connect with …MMMMmmmm…have to think about this state and perhaps write about it later on…? I was very touched by the many Christian churches that i visited, i had the opportunity to take the Holy bread, have quite reflective time. and deep prayer in these a few of these huge beautiful Holy states….one of the joys of visiting a Christian country, the locals were very tolerant of the bumbling tourists taking Photos of statues of the saints, Christ one the cross,  and lucky me I managed to see 2 Black Madonna’s in one day….I was hoping for just one…made my trip here. very satisfied and would love to return here at a later date to see more.IMG_8750 IMG_8814 IMG_8734 IMG_8908 IMG_8893 IMG_8725 IMG_8740 IMG_8964 IMG_8963 IMG_9135 IMG_9136 IMG_9062 IMG_9070 IMG_9058 IMG_9056 IMG_9028 IMG_9019 IMG_8987 IMG_8979 IMG_8717 IMG_9375 IMG_9173 IMG_9187 IMG_8949 IMG_8917 IMG_9496 (1) IMG_9507 IMG_9493 IMG_9525 I did also check out three possible galleries for a show…?? at a later date. Love you Barcelona from both myself and Susi.  21/6/15. Mjw.


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  1. Nice summary Michael and great photos! Good luck finding exhibition opportunities there, I think your art would certainly be appreciated in Spain alongside Gaudi, Picasso, Dsli, Ortega, etc. Have a safe journey home…

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