Aspects of Street Art. series 2


This Post is a 2015 catch up, 2015 was a Big year for me, I seemed to be constantly on the hop…from one project to another….perhaps attempting to fit too much in. in one year.mid year I visited Spain. the City I loved most was Barcelona, lots of great places to visit to fulfil my Outsider Photo appetite. I must have taken at least 2000 Photos over our weeks stay. The church art, Wow, the museums Wow, but then there was Gaudi….we visited the three main Gaudi sites of Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell all just fantastic. the guy was a Mystic. what he left for us to enjoy…and Photograph is just heavenly…no other way to describe it. as i wandered around each of these historical sites I kept seeing hidden faces in aspects of his fantastic architecture. these faces intrigued me so much I made a point of mainly concentrating my camera  lens on these hidden faces…thinking to have an exhibition of what I saw on my return to Australia. so on 12th September I put on a solo Photo-installation under the title of ” Aspects of Street Art- Faces of Gaudi, the Mystic” I had 49 A3 colour Photos on display, a dear friend, Joe Van der meer gave a wonderful discourse on” Faces of Gaudi, the Mystic”which was well received by the guests. A great subject to photo and then exhibit a few months later. I am really enjoying these quick pop up Photo installations under this title of ”Aspects of Street Art” they are to the point, no huge amounts of planning which gets very tiresome and to me some times loses the point of the art and one can get away with lots of short, no framing costs, huge guest lists, catering etc etc. just get on with it and then plan for the next one. So a few Photos. enjoy. Mjw.


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