Green Tara Empowerment


Another 2015 catch up, on the 31st of October 2015.I had the privilege of attending a” Green Tara Empowerment” at the Dolma Buddhist Centre in Eastwood. Sydney. the process was given by Lama Choedak Rinpoche.

”Green Tara represents the activity of the Buddhas, She helps to resolve problems and achieve our aims to develop our full potentials. Her practice is widespread in all traditions and she gives protection from all obstacles and fears”

A wonderful full day sacred process to attend with very devoted like minded followers of this Path to possible Enlightenment. a real Joy to be able to attend such sacred processes. as we are told-if one has Ears in thy heart- and the Great Light shines, One should walk in it, drink it in, feed upon it, bath in it, for it may never come again in this life, some Photos, Enjoy. Mjw.


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  1. May the Green Tara lighten my way to completing my written Karrinyarra story……I loved being enticed into the Bhuddist temple through your photos Michael..thanks for sharing this.

  2. love your exhibitions and your blog…you could Stu a lesson or 2 have a beaut year with your girl we are into sydney end of April hope you are around Will be with Dan for 3 months drumming up work in Kauai and hopefully beginning to look at painting along with basket making! I am care taking Gabby’s garden in central Otago on the edge of the mighty Cluther where its more cold than warm and I have gotten used to wearing 3 layers of clothes I am counting down days to get back to the tropics! & yes I did wake up to the sheep in the garden but it wasn’t my fault this time but the tradesman building their house! BUT I managed to empty all the water out of the big tank…not that I can see where? & 6 chooks are feeding me as I have no fridge or car just a bike… Sweet daughter is so kind and telling me not to worry but my intake of cold pressed coconut has been increased to slow down any chance of alzheimers lol Give my love to Susi and let her know my writing is happening finally…the Karrinyarra story that needs to go with the paintings I hope we can sell them soon enough… big hugs Kate

    Kate and Stuart Lloyd 0481292653


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