Aspects of Street Art-series 3.


Another 2015 catch up-Sunday 22nd November I had a double event in one. ”Aspects of Street Art series 3-Doorways to the Divine” and our annual Rumi -Poets of the Four Winds series 11 celebration. The Doorways to the Divine was a  (49) Photo installation of Photo’s of sacred doorways taken by me on various Sojourns to Morocco over the last couple of years. to quote the Mystic Rumi

”Every second there’s a door to Eternity- The door opens by perception”

My beloved late teacher, Dr Philip Groves,wrote on this process of entering the door to greater Life.

” Doors correspond to the possibility of you passing from one part of yourself into a Bigger, a Broader, a Richer part of yourself.

You were created to have these types of experiences and everything that exists is a reminder to you of what you ought to be doing.

We have a Universe inside of us to explore and there is a delight in exploring this Universe and coming into the realm of Self-discovery. This is a Lifelong adventure. When we feel these things, we come into the direct experience of the ”Dynamics of Creation”.

So a very big adventure both taking these wonderful doorway Photos and exhibiting a few of them. a good friend John Bayot gave a wonderful 1hr discourse on the sacred nature of doors and what stands behind them spiritually. all round a win-win for all who attended this Photo exhibition. the second part of the day was our celebration of the Mystic Rumi’s birthday. here we had poetry, stories and the highlight was a wonderful sacred Zikr ( in

remembrance of God) this Zikr was led by Shaykh Hatem. yet another wonderful walk in the ”Great Light” of Life. very big process, enjoyed by all who attended. some Photos Enjoy. Mjw.


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