Faces of Delight


My last catchup for 2015, This process titled ”Faces of Delight” was a tribute to the great Indian Outsider artist Nek Chand 1924-2015. a small retrospective Photo installation in memory of his passing last June 2015. This was a real delight for me to put together photo’s that I had shown in various galleries around the World. the venue was wonderful, one that I had not used before, a place called Roselle School of Visual Arts. situated in the heart of Sydney, here I would like to thank the owner, Barbara Cuckson for allowing me the use of the studio at short notice for this retrospective solo show of mine. that covered ¬†several visits to the wonderful Nek Chand Rock Garden in Chandigarh. India, over the last 13 years. I must have taken 4 to 5000 photos of mainly Faces in the wonderful visionary Garden of Nek Chand’s. Sad that he passed away last year,( a young 90 year old.) we will miss him dearly, his legacy is just unbelievable to behold. around 40 acres of man made fantasy -garden for all who Sojourn to that part of Nth West India to enjoy. I know that I hope to revisit this fantasy-sculputure wonderland soon. Happy Birthday Nek Chand on 15/12/15. some Photo’s. Enjoy. Mjw.


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