Doorways of Light


A catch up, “Doorways of Light-Seeking the Beloved”.

Version 2IMG_1354IMG_1352IMG_1349IMG_1347IMG_1345IMG_1343IMG_1328 A solo Photo-installation of images taken by me, over many sojourns to Nth West India, covering a 20 year period. Each of these Sojourns was to different area or aspect of this fascinating holy landscape. The Photo-images that I exhibited in this installation were taken mainly around the Delhi-Agra-Chandigarh areas. I had the luck and inspiration to have visited many well known and not so well known lovely old Sufi Dargahs (tombs). India was the birthplace of what we know today as modern Sufism. The founder of modern Sufism was an Indian. Abu Hashem of Kufa. he died in 727 AD. leaving a great legacy behind.

Many of the lovely old Dargahs and religious buildings had very beautiful, lovely flowering arches, windows, doorways etc etc. All very photogenic.These Dargahs had been places of pilgrimage for hundreds and hundreds of years.all showing wear and tear of time on their exteriors. But still the sacred Baraka flowed forth freely from their tombs. deep within these “states”of pilgrimage.

In most of the photos that I exhibited in this installation I feel I had captured some of the quality or essence of each of these sacred, holy places that I had visited. During this sojourning I realised that yes I was as a Sufi pilgrim, in search of the Beloved. and feel that these photo images show this process.

“We are waves whose stillness is non-being. We are alive because of this, that we have no rest”. The Sufi, Abu-Talib-Kalim.

This solo-Photo-installation was up for one day only on Sunday 27th March 2016. at the venue The New church. Roseville, Sydney.

A wonderful process to unfold and be a part of. I enjoyed very much both taking and exhibiting this installation. below are a few Photos of the exhibition

Michael J Wright.


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