A wet Sunday in Sydney.


A dash into the city, 25ks away to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the oriental exhibition titled TANG Treasures from the Silk road capital.

quote.  ” While much of Europe was still in the Dark Ages, the Tang dynasty (618-907) was the most powerful realm at the time. At the heart of the Tang Empire was its capital city. Chang’an ( present day Xi’an), Situated at the start of the famous Silk Road trade route,this cosmopolitan metropolis was renowned as a city of great wealth, cultural diversity and religious devotion.”

The usual Bla-Bla-Bla-blurb on such exhibitions. This exhibition was small intermit, spiritually revealing, and beautifully displayed. the centre point for me was some lovely Medicine Buddhas. both Susi and I enjoyed our brief Sojourn into the city on this bloody wet Sydney Sunday. enjoy a few Photos. PS–the exhibition ends on July 10. 2016.

MJW, 19/6/16.


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