Remembering Nek Chand/


Remembering the Great Indian Outsider artist Nek Chand  1924-2015. Sunday 12/6/16 was the anniversary of his leaving this earthly life, A great man, A great artist.A man I had the honour to meet back in 2003. in his wonderful 50 acre Rock Garden, in Chandigarh Nth West India.A place where i had several exhibitions thanks to his personal invitation. A place (state) I love very much to spend quality time in when ever i am up in that area of India. this year for his 1st anniversary. I could not attend the local on the ground celebrations in Chandigarh though I would have loved to be there. so I had my own little remembrance-celebration here in lovely Sydney. at a few local known sites around Sydney harbour. so a few Photos of my sharing in Remembering Nek Chand on Sunday 12/6/16. Enjoy. 

For more info on the Rock Garden, check  “Raw Vision Outsider Magazine” web site for local info on whats happening in the Rock Garden in India.


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