In Search of the Beloved-Prayer as Ritual


This exhibition and Discourse unfolded on Sunday 21st August 2016 at the venue The New church in Roseville Sydney. The Idea of writing Prayer or Mantras around a sacred mandala-symbol structure was presented to me late last year while i was attending a small group that i was involved with. one of our monthly exercises was to attempt to silently chant the lovely Prayer of the heart. commonly known as the ” Jesus Prayer ”. one should attempt chanting this prayer at least 4-6,000 times a day a very big task. I had also been reading the lovely book titled The Way of a Pilgrim this talks about the various processes in attempting the Sojourn into ones heart.  (A Shambhala Classic ) a very good read. now, as I was combining these two processes…I decided to do a sacred symbol -drawing and then as consciously as possible write the prayer-mantra around it. this practice has taken on a life of its own over the last 8 months. I am up to around 100 and am planning to do 120 of these sacred drawing-writings. I hope to complete the process by the end of this year. but back to the exhibition and discourse. my dear friend John Bayot gave a wonderful one & a half hour  talk on this huge process of Prayer. I exhibited 49 of my 100 completed drawings. I must say I was a little in awe of what i was looking at in this solo exhibition. one of the main diagrams that i focused on to do the writings around,  was the Enneagram. a structure that the mystic Gurdjieff brought back on one of his travels to the East and eventually shared with the West. this image has many functions. too many to Post here. but one is, some Sufi orders see it as the ” Face of God ”So to me a very potent image to write sacred prayers around. giving me a focal point to reflect and ponder upon. Avery enjoyable and sacred process for me as I Pilgrimage through into the heart with in.  Enjoy a few Photos.

Michael J Wright


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