Vajrapani Empowerment


Sunday 27/8/16, I attended Lama Choedak’s Buddhist centre in Eastwood, Sydney for the process Vajrapani Empowerment.this was a full day of teachings, practice and Empowerment. there were 12 of us plus Lama. a good group.all good non-judgemental folk. just people who are striving for some kind of a deeper balance in both their “Inner & out-lives”. all using this vehicle or spiritual Path known as Buddhism. Do I see myself as a fully committed Buddhist ? No, but I do enjoy these spiritual encounters which occur about every 6months.It’s good to be in the company of like minded people who are aspiring for deep spiritual change and are completely no-judgemental and who seem to have no expectations of or from their fellow travellers on this Path.Now here in this group, I suppose they have an advantage over the group that i have been involved with. as they have a living-breathing teacher. Where I am at a slight disadvantage as my teacher passed away in 1999. I do have a huge volume of his books, notes, DVDs,tapes etc etc. plus of cause his Baraka that is still in a deep loving way teaching and guiding us in preparation for our continuing journey into our spiritual Eternity.

So these one day Sojourns, are for me on many levels teachings,  new way’s of looking at myself-both inner & outer and as I do so hopefully gaining glimpse’s of my Inner & outer states of being. So being around, occasionally non 4th Way people. I get fresh new impressions- plus spiritual data to feed upon. nice people to be around. A Lama who is a delightful friend. I have known him about 25 years.and I do enjoy & appreciate his deep insights of aspects in the Buddhist Path. yes I do learn from him fresh ways of working upon myself. his teachings that i attend are of a deep esoteric nature. here I will point out that my beloved late teacher Dr P Groves also had a Tibetan Lama a s one of his root teachers. and as he stated on many occasions “while the Light Shines Walk in it”.

This Vajrapani Empowerment, was a very enjoyable state to be in, I will study this Buddhist Deity further, as he is the “Father”of all the wrathful Tibetan Deities, Dr Groves taught that all the Tibetan Wrathful Deities represented the “Divine Essence”. that is a huge statement. Vajrapani’s  name = means “Mind in hand” and his root mantra (remembering that all mantras are=the Word, the Word of God.) is Hum-Vajra-Phat. this to me is a very deep loving and compassionate mantra.

quote  Vajrapani doesn’t, to many newcomers to Buddhism. look very Buddhist at all. He is a Bodhisattva who represents the energy of enlightened mind. and his mantra also symbolises that quality.

Vajrapani is pictured dancing wildly within a halo of flames.which represent transformation.

He holds a vajra (thunder-bolt) in his right hand. which emphasises the power to cut through the darkness of delusion. Vajrapani looks wrathful, but it is  a representation of the enlightened mind. He is completely free from hatred.

Vajrapani is a member, along with Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri. of the trinity of Bodhisattvas known as the “Three Family Protectors”. The Buddha family of which Vajrapani is the protector of the Vajra (thunderbolt) family. which includes Akshobya (Lord of the Vajra family) and Yamataka.

End Quote.

So to me another great tuning of the octave of my Sojourn to Eternity.




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