Sojourning Lisbon


The flight from Sydney to Lisbon took just over 16hrs including a 2hr stop over in Dubai, What to was not meant to be confined in a small metal capsule with lots of other people. who all seem to want the same thing, lots of leg space, no babies crying, a yearning to get some sleep, food that does not look like airline food, the person sitting in the window seat who drinks too much and need the rest room constantly.(we won’t even mention the wonderful middle seat here) the constant hum of the jet engines, etc etc etc etc……not sure if I can put myself through this slow torture again…not forgetting the bonus of the flight,  one of my fellow mad-people’s gave me a lovely throat infection….lots of drugs later….7 days later and I am still attempting to get over it…..AAAArrrr the  ” Joys of modern travel “….

Lisbon, I was here in the early 1970s, just loved it then, not much has changed, trams are just as beautiful. narrow streets cute as ever, food yummy. wine & beer cheap. accommodation very tight, small, and way more expensive since the the 1970s. I had forgotten about Lisbon, its spread across a huge hill. so any direction you walked, and we walked for bloody miles & miles, my knees are stuffed. the joys of getting older and still having the love and passion to travel to fantastic places on our Planet while we can,

Some of the fantastic places we visited in Lisbon during our 4 day stay. the Botanic garden, with its leaking ponds,badly maintained garden beds. all looking very tied…but Wow, some of the advanced tree species just worth the visit alone. loved it. worth a visit just to see and experience. As all visitors to Lisbon, we climbed the huge hill over looking the City  to the lovely Old Castelo De S Jorge castle/ fantastic view of the sprawling  city below not forgetting the gentle zephyr wind coming in from the sea some miles down the river.

As we wonder around the Citie’s alleyways we happened upon a most wonderful museum called   Museu Da Marioneta  yes s a museum of and for puppet lovers.  another world was entered into. move over Alice in Wonderland   ( they also had a small private exhibition on her here too. ) there were puppets from all quarters of the World, here I took hundreds of Photos of ” Faces ” the feast had begun, I will mount a Photo installation of these images next year back in OZ Land, all who come to Lisbon should make a pilgrimage to this sacred wonder-land of Fantasy. It reminded me of Ne Chands Rock Garden in Nth India and the created faces he had made on his fantasy sculptures. after hours of sheer enjoyment here. the very helpful staff suggested we visit the huge lovely history museum  just down the street called  Museu Nacional De Arte Antiga. lots and lots of Christian sculptures ,Paintings and associated artistic stuff. I took lots of Face photos here. more Photo shows back in OZ Land later on.

We also visited a few lovely old churches. but after about 7 hrs on the hoof, we were both stuffed. and staggered back to our lovely apartment situated in the old quarter of Lisbon for some well earned rest.

We did lots of grazing here. food is just yummy. the cakes, tarts MMM….I did try to drink coffee again  ( I gave it up 10 months ago for health reasons ) just tasteless very disappointing, thats life,

We did a day trip to Sintra which I will write about later.

A few Photos to wet your travel yearnings. sorry they are so large….??? yet to work out Why..?

Mjw  5/10/16img_1837img_1845img_2055img_2036img_2063img_2029img_2065img_2102img_2120img_2120-jpg


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