sojourning Sintra-portugal


Susi and I decided to do a day sojourn to the little village of Sintra about 1hr by train away from Lisbon. the place reminded me of Laura in the Blue Mountains cutsie – cutsie lots of one day blow in tourists just like us. The main attraction for me was the Quinta da Regaleira. built between 1904 and 1910, this palace and its extensive gardens are a feast of both historical and religious ideas, occult  symbols ant mystical stuff. the creator of this Fantasy Garden and esoteric buildings etc etc was the eccentric millionaire Antonio Augusto Cavalho . a must visit place for those on the Path of the esoteric way.

Now this estate has some very interesting features, such as the  ” initiatic well ” . A “subterranean tower”….( remembering that towers are always esoterically referred to as reminders, To us to remember our-selves always no matter where we are.)…..that sinks down into the ground 27 metres….( 27, a very esoteric number 3×9 = 27. 3= a state of holiness. 9= a full esoteric octave of growth. )…this tower is made accessible by a monument able spiral staircase . this hallowed space….( space always represents spiritual state and staircase represents always a movement or transition upwards to a higher place or state.)…this space was full of esoteric and alchemical associations making the passage between Heaven and Earth intensely felt for those who had Ears deep within their hearts Now below this structure was the “Portal of the Guardians ” this being a highly dramatic structure composed of twin towers .. (

remember what towers represent )…flanking a central pavilion under which is hidden one of the entrance ways to the initiation wells in front of this entrance ways or portals is The Terrace of the Celestial Worlds and over looking this structure is a towering Ziggurat….So lots of remembrance devices. tunnels down to the subconscious. ladders up to heavenly states…and I haven’t even mentioned that the whole sacred garden represents the orderly state of the celestial mind. a true heavenly state for those seeker who are eager to traverse these sacred structures in search of God.

A few Photos of these esoteric states.






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  1. Lovely stories towards the inner and outer. Bravo. We are back in the deep couldron of the dark jungle. The collective working on same story see Xxx dance you bobby dazzler s.

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