Sojourning Evora’s local sights.


Churches, Cathedrals, human bone sculptures, alley-ways , virgins, angels, art, food interior decorations & vegetarian restaurants. our 4 day stay in Evora was doted with Highs & lows of all kinds. the lovely accommodation we stayed in was fantastic except for the 8 flights of stairs to our rooftop apartment. my knees are stuffed. the internet crashed on our second day…MMMMmmm…they tried all sorts of ways to get it back including portable dongles for each floor. but every time more then 3 people went on line that was the end of your FB time…AAAAArrrrr…I managed to flood our bathroom on our last day….AAAArrrr…they were really good about it…..We Australians are naughty Sojourners, and I don’t even wear thongs ! not forgetting the bloody party people …partying on in the local drinking holes till around  3am then yelling their drunk heads off as they all staggered of home to their Mummies.  AAAAArrrrr….. 4 nights of broken sleep and after we experienced the same in Lisbon…do these People work ? do they have jobs to go too next day ? probably all Public servants !

But on a Big Bright side to my ramblings…the Evora Inn, was just one of the Best holidays stays I have experienced, our hosts couldn’t do enough for us. first up they carried my huge very heavy bag up and down 8 flights of stairs for me. they get a Gold medal for this feat alone. the interior decorating was just really beautiful all individually obtained from, I think Italy and beyond. there was always a little treasure waiting to be discovered some where on each of the 5 floors.we had their lovely plain breakfast each morning….this saved going out and finding somewhere that did not disappoint one’s hunger for a quite gentle filling breakfast, and it only cost 5 Euros each, cheap.

We visited the usual places of interest….see the headings. I will not jot them down here, if anybody is  interest

let me know and I will send you more info. Enjoy a few Photos.

Mjw   7/10/16.


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