Sojourning Lisbon again.


Nice bus ride from Evora, taxi to our nice new apartment…..AAAArrrr….Wrong address,  MMMmmm….So a little Sojourn around the area finally found it. an Email- internet mixed up.our host was very sympathy. a nice clean area -space. after settling in we wandered around the local area. its nice and quite, a residential area still.  not so many tourists so good change from our last stay in Lisbon.

Day 2 we traipsed down the waterfront for bloody miles to visit the big Arty-farty complex, lots of Dudes, feel good Babes, cool eateries, retro shop’s. book stores of all shapes and sizes, not forgetting a great area for Street Art Photography….did I tell you this was the”  LX Factory complex “..? very famous …so we were told. lunch here then on to our next destination the MAAT —Old Electricity power station art gallery complex. The New MAAT extension just completed—Wow looked like something out of Star Trek just wonderful. in this new complex—very Zen both in and out. there was an exhibition of art…about 5 pieces. I looked around at the hordes of people they all seemed a little lost…? but then it dawned on me they were looking for something….? but could not see it….they were walking in it…it was the new building that was the art—not the sprinkling of art pieces in side it …very subtle, very cool, very Trekkie…loved this space, the art..well ….MMMMmmm…, we then went into the old decommissioned power station where there were various galleries set up …Great exhibition spaces some of the art was great …all looked to me like they came out of the same art school…..but what would i know..Another day in Lisbon.

Did I tell you that I had my second cup of coffee last night for this year—–YES—-I am alive and there is a coffee God.

A few Photos. enjoy. guess where we are going to today………..yes…a religious place…..

Mjw   9/10/16.



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