Fatima & Tomar..part 1.


Christ, Virgins, Mosaic’s, Esoteric symbols, Figs and Knights Templers just another day in Fatima & Thomar. Fatima a little town built around a 19th century Revelation 3 children. just having fun in the country side. now Saints of the Church. childhood snatched away for hundreds of thousands of Pilgrims in search of……?…perhaps a part of them….?…or perhaps a Revelation…..?….or are they just day trippers filling in time between Birth & Death……?

The sanctuary of Fatima, a little on the Grand side, little like a hollywood movie set, the church itself was a delight to meditate in, till the bloody hum of the mob drove me out and back into shopping mode, I was on the hunt for some little images of the black Madonna …hard to find here in Fatima. but I managed to succeed. Susi only lasted to the 9th shop then did a runner…Wow so many shops selling spiritual glitter & treasure. I struggled on & on & on as you do….till yes, the need had been fulfilled, a little grazing at various local restaurants filled that physical need..can’t get excited over what was offered in Fatima food wise. our Lux Fatima hotel filled the breakfast need—including coffee. just when I thought I was safe…bad habits are hard to break….

This place Fatima reminds me of our Sojourn some years back to the very Christian healing centre of Lourdes in France…lots of spiritual glitter & treasure there too.

Enjoy a few Photo’s

Mjw  11/10/16.



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