Fatima &Tomar Part 2.


The bus trip from Fatima to Tomar took just 35 minutes, the country side green and beautiful. the bus ride uneventful. we  visited a wonderful little church close by the bus station. we then walked up to the beautiful well tended towns central garden then found a secret gate into the towns main attraction of the Templar Castle and the Convent of Christ. Those Templer’s knew how to Party, Wow what an estate, the gardens just beautiful. the castle huge, but the real treasure of this place was to both Susi & I was the Convent of Christ. The Charola, this was the original Romanesque Templar church,dating back to the second half of the 12th century, converted by King Manuel into the church chevet,with its interior tambour becoming the main chapel. During the 16th century,  it was decorated by altarpiece paintings and murals, stack, carvings and wooden sculpture. A great esoteric state to enter into and enjoy. yet another first on this Portugal Sojourn for me. on the way back to the bus station we had lunch at the local cafe. Dutch Painted wall paper to colour the sense’s great coffee & yummy cakes…..I have developed a little waddle since arriving in Portugal….MMMMmmmm…not good. another large church….nice tower but thats all,  then the local Synagogue, not operating sad, but still hanging on in this very deeply Christian country. nice place to meditate for a few minutes then a rush back to the bus station to get our bus to home in Fatima, dinner out. yummy. rained on all the way back to our Lux Fatima hotel. out last night in Fatima…we head Nth to the town of Oporto by bus around midday tomorrow..


A few Photos to enjoy.

Mjw  11/10/16


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