Dead Car Dreaming—series 3.


Dead Car Dreaming- Return of the Rainbow Serpent  series 3. this great Sojourn began with a visit to Bellingen on the NSW Nth coast in early 2008. I was there for a spiritual healing from one of the local aboriginal Elders. a guy with the nickname ” Porky”, an interesting man, a true hands on healer. I had several healing’s from hime over a few days. I must admit I felt no change either inwardly or outwardly…one always has expectations in these situations….hard not to, anyway still in Bellingen a few days later I saw in vision the most wonderful visionary scene. it was of the Mythical Rainbow Serpent of the aboriginal Dream Time. I saw it flowing out of a Sun disc coming straight towards me. and around the country side there were strange, ancient aboriginal totem poles. I have never see these type of totem poles before. So I quickly drew up this sacred Mythological scene and later showed it to Larry Kelly who is the senior aboriginal Elder around the Bellingen area. he was quite awe struck with this scene I had just put to paper. saying first of all that these type of totem poles have not been seen around this area of Australia for over 10,000 years. Wow, and that this scene of the Rainbow Serpent flowing out of a Sun disc in the Eastern sky was a kind of omen….He interpreted this along the lines …that the Rainbow Serpent was to be invited to the Nth coast of NSW. Now how to do this..? after some discussion with various Elders it was decided to put together a small group and travel to the centre of Australia and invite the aboriginal custodians of the ancient Rainbow Serpent dance to come and perform this sacred dance on the coast. 3.000 miles from its home in a watering hole at the base of Airs Rock.

I was going  to Fez for a sacred 8 day Sufi music festival. so contacted David Amster the director of the ALIF Language centre in Fez and asked if I could have a solo installation in the ALIF Riad…? the answer, yes. so lots to do, find old photos taken back 8 years ago, get 30 or more printed up. I need a good focal point so decided to do a large painting on canvas. 2100 long by 600 high. this took 3 weeks out of my life. I felt as if I was giving birth, self doubt was my constant friend….I managed to turn this friend into a real buddy, and so completed this centre piece titled “Return of the Rainbow Serpent ” as I photographed the finished Painting on my front veranda at home my next door neighbours wandered past both saying how striking and realistic it was as a depiction of this Mythological process. it was worth giving up 3 weeks of my Life to manifest this Dream Time process.I was having little issues around….would the locals in Fez get it.. ? would they understand it …?  it then dawned upon me that…yes of cause they would, as these sacred images speak a universal language…the language of the spirit. and those who are open to new ideas will always get some of the inner meaning…and in someway be touched by them. I am hoping that those who come to see the exhibition will at least enjoy it. thats all I can ask for and nothing else

My story of this great Sojourn to the desert and back with 3 other people. is partly told in this solo exhibition of personal Photo’s, drawing, and Painting which will unfold in Fez, Morocco from  Friday 21/10/16 for 9 days.

All are welcome to come see and Enjoy.

Mjw 12/10/16poster-exhibtion


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