Porto-Portugal, an overview.


Porto, I like very much, except for all the bloody stairs, and steps that just appear like brides nighties…yes I did a good turn, flat on my face. yes I was looking heavenly- ward instead of down-wards. yes I will recover. So Susi and I have trekked like bloody mountain goats over most of the inner part of Porto….and a little to its outer rim, We must have visited 100 churches, feeling very – very – Holy, “I AM” and churched-out.

lovely old trams, museums, galleries, old steel bridges similar to our Sydney Harbour bridge and yes we walked across it. food – food, Wow, we have eaten the Best food here that I have ever eaten Yummmmmmeeeeee, I am not going to write about all the great restaurants that we have visited as I am sure you will not venture this way…and if you do let me know and I will share all my secrets. Art, Great Street Art, visited a couple of exceptional little galleries that sold Outsider Art.  ( We visited the so called great modern Art gallery today….MMMmmm…I will write about this adventure later on)…We leave this lovely very clean, cool City of Life tomorrow for Casablanca and another adventure. A few Photos to entertain you for a few seconds, Enjoy.

Mjw  17/10/16


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