Medina dreaming, Fez.1.


“Dead Car Dreaming-Return of the Rainbow Serpent” series 3. My third solo exhibition to unfold in the old Fez medina. This show is currently on at the ALIF Riad in Fez till the 29th of October 2016. The opening on Friday 21st of October was well received. lots of questions were asked as I told the story of my Sojourn to the central desert in Australia  back in 2008. where I took the Photos that I exhibited in this show. Interesting the Riad is actually an inclosed garden and during the opening the birds in the trees were making a real racket—it was sunset, now also there was an owl hooting in the background….this was very unusual. I did message Christine Kelly, Larry Kelly’s wife to see if Larry was here in spirit…? she just replied that he had been very restless over the last few days and that it was a strong possibility that yes he had attended my opening spirit.( Larry was the main aboriginal Elder that I travelled with to the central desert in 2008)

So yes what appeared to be a simple opening had deeper  spiritual significations…also I did feel that there was a lot more going on then just a simple art exhibition opening…..lots more was happening beyond all of us.

A few Photos of the exhibition, Enjoy.

Mjw 26/10/16.




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