“Hot Tuesday afternoon in Sydney”


Destination Manly, my longtime artist friend Barbara Cuckson suggested we attend an exhibition at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum. To see the exhibition titled “Ku-Ring-Ga ph: Arts +Scienc…

Source: “Hot Tuesday afternoon in Sydney”


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  1. Hi Michael, We’re chippin away in paradise. Not too much going out of the camp. waiting for Dan to finish his tax, so he can try and buy a house in Kauai. If he can pull it off we will go there with the 2 from NZ and help get him moved in. Looks like I have to sit online for another season to make the market function for our income. Katey is tryin to negotiate a tropical virus, bit of a buggar! Love to you and Suesy.

  2. Hi Dudes. yep all you can do is chip away at it. hoping to see you both fit as fiddles either before you go OS or on your return..?..Will you be able to get back into USA or have you been Trumped…?…cheers Mjw.

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