“Three of a Kind”


A rare visit to the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney on Friday, Why a rare visit ? well after our Sojourn’s to France, Spain and Portugal over the last three years and the feeding on their High Art…lucky us. visiting the Art Gallery in Sydney, well I am not an Art snob. but it had become a little ….not so much boring, but familiar in content, I can’t recall a recent exhibition that had “Wow” factor attached to it. but one must support the local arts ( this is my second visit to a gallery here in Sydney in one week !!) as they support me. Ha,

First up we saw the Nude: art from the Tate collection’ this is a wonderful exhibition of about 180 pieces. A beautiful exhibition, felt as if I was at a Paris Gallery opening….except I was brought back to the human reality by standing in front of a wonder- wonderful oil Painting titled “Seated nude with necklace. 1917. by Amedeo Modiglian (1884-1920) attempting to enjoy a master piece …and yes, all around me were patrons either on their mobil phones, audio devices staring into the air or tending their children in prams. welcome to the new black, This wonderful exhibition (quote )  “explores how the naked body was at the centre of artists practice from the 1790s to 2000s. In particular, it shows how the body was transformed from a focus of high art training, where students learnt the skills of life drawing as a prelude to producing history painting, through a genre that was the centre of modernist formal experimentation, to a site of political activism and identity politics. Alongside these shifts the nude must also be understood as a subject that was embedded in social history”  (end Quote .from the exhibition catalog).  I would highly recommend this exhibition to all who yearn to be artists.After this coffee and chicken roll in the gallery Cafe, not bad. Entered a competition to win an indulgent weekend getaway for two to Byron Bay. staying at Rae’s luxurious boutique hotel…bring it on…. the draw is on 7/2/17….we will send friends a Post card…if we win.next bought the exhibition catalogue, half price, “Wow”. still time to spare so into the wonderful video exhibition -installation. titled  “Manifesto” created by the German artist Julian Rosefelt. a series of about twelve short video installations each featuring the actress Kate Blanchett in totally different life scenes giving discourse on art from Rosefelt’s view point….MMMMmmm …very different from the normal view of those following art for art’s sake. a must visit and enjoyable exhibition. for those who enjoy the strange and are game with their imagination. I think it ends mid next month. but yes, “Wow” factor stuff. Still more, we managed to squeeze  in a flashing visit to the eye catching art of Eko Nugroho. titled “Lot Lost”.consisting of installations. street art. woven comic cartoon hangings….again another “Wow” exhibition, I need to return to explore this very colourful exhibition soon.  We only had about 7 minutes to venture into his space. again go see and enjoy this colourful space, And would you believe it. the gallery had a free sort of nude model for those who were game to put pencil to art paper in public. this unfolded in the gallery foyer. this Idea-process I loved. all galleries should be offering their patrons this ideas as part of every visit to their gallery. I even did a drawing…MMMmmmm…I may auction it off in another Life.

So a big week of art gallery Sojourning. lots to take in and attempt to digest over the next little while. I also now am a little more inspired to plan my exhibition 2017 year ahead. although I always seemed to be putting an exhibition or two together these days.So those who may be interested, get your act together and visit the Art Gallery of NSW.

Michael. J Wright.   a few Photo’s, Enjoy. (28/1/17)

PS- We enjoyed on the way home. the lovely Chinese Luna lantern festival in Martin Place. worth a visit.


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  1. Hi Michael, your conversation is delightfully academic /journalistic. Well done! I am accessing my blog language and structure. With regards to the academic museum gallery language of clean white presentation, lottsa words, few images from these professional institutional publishers. I feel like an outsider, with my free online google blogger with few words, lottsa pictures and flashy presentation.
    As I am aspiring to market and place my sites into a professional credibility I am struck by our Australian Bushy alone and unassisted self-help approach. Crikey, it is an interesting objectivity I am viewing the market place with. I worry that I need to play the gallery /academic /anally tidy, bullshit so as to look credible to then ask top $ for our unique collections. Any recommendations from your anarchistic background to sway my persona presentations? Katey is finishing her next chapters of her book and we are shaping her Novel into our image archive which is extensive. But It does repeatedly come back to the question is the presentation sweet and clean for modern consumption?
    Thanks for your online blog. Bute season up her. love to u 2 Stu

  2. Dear Billy, Well it is as it is, I say as I feel. not what ”some” may Think that they should feel they want to hear ? The images I show are but a mere sprinkling of seen objects that my heart feels and my camera catches. You Guys have to decide on your writing-book Path, Writing is like walking on broken glass……you just have to wear the right boots to get to your destination (the publisher) but then of cause you need to decide on what to do on arrival…?….I think you both need a good long Sojourn to India this awakening on many levels will give you clarity of ”Life” ahead of you. The only suggestion I can make is just keep doing it, loving it, enjoying it. and don’t worry about the destination. we only have the moment….Enjoy. Luv Mjw.

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