Dot Painting-Dreaming


At last I visited the Old Incinerator Art Space in Willoughby, Sydney. various arty and non arty friends have for years been telling me that I “Must” visit this place. for its visual beauty. its wonderful food and its intermit art gallery-space.

An old friend base up Cairns way, sent an Email saying there was an exhibition of Papunya Tjupi art on in the gallery space. me not wanting to miss out on seeing some aboriginal art on our local gallery walls. So I trundled along with Susi on Sunday 19th February to this famous former council incinerator. the outside archecture was most impressive. Loved it ( I will return and take more Photos of it) the restaurant are upstairs and yes it was Sunday lunch time full of North shore yuppies, their dogs, prams and yes children.  woow, just a little to much for me, I am getting Old and cranky not forgetting intolerant. but we managed to get through the grazing area intact, down stairs to the gallery. lovely space. nice little crowd. just in time for the informal talk by Warren Walker. on Desert Travels, Bush Tucker and Adventures.  this informal discussion centred around he and his wife Rae’s many travels into the centre of Australia in their 4 wheel drive over many years. I was hoping that he would talk in depth on aspects of Dot Painting. or the local spiritual traditions. we got photos of yabbies. fish and road kill stories.  MMMmmm…..yes I know the talk was advertised on Bush tucker etc etc. one of the audience members asked how do the aboriginal artists work out and start a Painting….from the centre or the outside…?…O Dear, this was the level of the knowledge of the audience. Warren did try …gently,  how these sacred pieces of Objective Art were constructed. and that is from Thousands & Thousands of years of living. knowing, breathing, loving and creating them on the ground for their secret, sacred rituals. these images are timeless. they are true mandalas. mandalas that have been passed down generation to generation for thousands of years. I did hear a woman in the gallery talking to a friend. she said to the friend I am sure that Painting will go with the colour of the new lounge…Of cause it will the friend replied. O Dear. do sacred Dot Paintings and new lounges go together………these questions could be only answered in Canberra by you know who. I say no more.

I did attempt to converse with one of the owners of the “Gallery Honey Ant Dreaming”. in a personal sharing way. telling her that I too had travelled to central Australia with 2 Aboriginal Elders on Rainbow Serpent business. also that I had a recent Exhibition on lthis great Sojourn to the APY Lands in central Australia. she showed no interest at all. I feel these people have no interest in Aboriginal spirituality. They are just interested in selling paintings, sad.

Some of the many artists who’s art was on display …Beyula Puntungka Napanangka,  Candy Nelson Nakamarra, Emily Andy Napaltjarri, Isobel Gorey Nambajimba, Isobel Major Nampitinpa and many more, the art was to me just beautiful, sacred, full of ancient teaching & hidden truths. there was a written story that went with each Painting. this was a real plus. I did note there was not one dark face in the crowd….another real “Jem ” was a wonderful book written by Vivien Johnston titled  ” Streets of Papunya” Pub in 2016. this is a book to have if you are interested in Dot Painting, history of artists and and where they are based.this was on sale in the gallery.

Honey Art Galleries are based in both Sydney and Noosa in far nth NSW. worth a look if you are in the area. their web-site is

A few Photos taken on the visit to

the the Incinerator Art Space. Enjoy.

Michael J Wright


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