“Symbols of Shamata Meditation”


Breath, Symbols & States of Compassion, A full on weekend, just did my first formal training in Calm Abiding Meditation at the Dolma Buddhist centre. Eastwood., Sydney. with Lama Choedak. for many years I have wondered if there was a meditation that I could learn that would not send me to sleep, physically or spiritually..? after last weekend at the Dolma Buddhist centre I have found what I have wondered about for ages. Calm Abiding meditation is the one that I can incorporate into some of my other practices to enhance the Path ahead for work upon the self.

Quote    The Benefits of Calm- Abiding Meditation. The aim of meditation is to understand the nature of one’s mind, in order to realise the truth. Ultimate truth cannot be seen by the gross mind, always under the control of defilements. The mind must be placed in its natural state. Calm-abiding meditation processes the extreme problems of the mind, placing it in meditative equipoise, Like an ocean without waves. Free of obscurations, the mind can perceive a special phenomenon, known as insight. Without calm-abiding meditation, we cannot gain insight.    Quoted from  Lama Choedaks booklet  “Shamata Meditation” p40.

So an enjoyable two days of being in the presence of a great teacher of Buddhism. not forgetting a master of meditation. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to have many beneficial health benefits. those who practice the healing arts should look at this Buddhist Path for greater insights and healing benefits to use in their practice. I certainly feel a  change after only 2 days of attempting the process. the states of Loving kindness, deep Compassion, the arousal of new, more benificial states come forth as one walks this  Path. and you don’t even need to be a Buddhist to enjoy the benifets, you just need to share them via your Life’s use. We even learnt walking meditation, just like self sensing, you can do it anywhere….as long as you are walking.

A few Photos, creating a little colour “Compassion” to feed upon. Enjoy.






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