“Faces of Divine Light”


Sunday 16/4/2017. I put together a wonderful collection of Photos that I have taken over the last few years of Sojourning France, Spain & Portugal. of  what i see as images of ” Light “. that is the face of Christ. God-Man, A Photo installation of 90 wonderful Divine Doorways. A real Joy to assemble out of a collection of well over 500 images. very hard to choose. in the end I chose a line of Christ’s growth from infancy to his death on the cross. then to the resurection.  Wow, though this was thought about for many years…the shock. the overwhelming Awe of seeing these images filling the walls of the church in Roseville. was a little overwhelming even for me. I kept asking myself….who am I to show these sacred images here…?  A strange feeling..? very hard to describe. lots to ponder upon here…Real Cosmic ” stuff “.

The exhibition was held at the venue the New Church in Roseville Sydney. on Sunday 16/4/2017. the images were up on display for one day only. My friend John Bayot gave a wonderful 2hr discourse on this process The Face of Christ. just as astonishing as the 90 images. again lots of deep Pondering to do here.

The Mystic Swedenborg wrote that the face of the Lord signified the Divine Principle itself in its essence, which is Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom, consequently himself,  ” Revelation i. 6.”

Faces to me, represent doorways to new fresh spiritual states of being. Greater life and pathways to the soul of the person or image one is looking at or into.

Mjw. April 2017.    A few Photos of the process to enjoy.


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