“Rock Garden Sojourning”


Well here again, feels different now that Nek Chand is in Rocky heaven. bless his soul. the Garden itself around the main office area is fantastic. great job Anuj. the office itself has been cleaned up dramatically…..actually very tidy….very un-Nek Chand. who. felt very comfortable with all his ” stuff ” surrounding him. I know how he felt….I Enjoy my stuff around me at home.

So I am here for three things….or perhaps more…?  No1 To attend the annual Nek Chand celebration covering a big cultural program…….. and a Seminar. at which I presented a paper titled ” Why am I here ? ”  it went down very well……I think..?…no I am not typing it out for this Blog….. No 2 to attend the opening of the long awaited Dolls House Museumin the RG.  No 3 to show my solo exhiubition ….( as part of the celebrations) titled  ” A Celestial Sojourn to Nth India—Wandjina Dreaming ” The Seminar was a blast, the Dolls house and my exhibition I missed due to strange weather….It’s India. dissapointment is but the shedding of aspects of one’ silly little ego. I am feeling a little bare…

Met lots of very wonderful people ate lots and lots of yummy Indian food…..Loved taking about 1000 photos in the Dolls museum and other pards of the RG…travelling with great people. and we leave tomorrow for the North…The Gompa trail…..yipeeeeee.

A few photos enjoy.   Mjw  14/6/17.


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