A Folley…or what…?


Our hire car driver keeps getting lost…..!   Is the Pope Cathalic…?   the question that keeps coming up on this Sojourn  is ” Why Am I here ? ” why am I here in this lovely dusty car manic part of Nth India ? Sojourning presently in Kinnaur district. Why…?  Is it for the fantastic photography, Temples, Monasteries, high Mountain roads with the mad bus/truck/car drivers all attempting to get to their destinations before dark or another landslide …?   Why…?   A Folley more then What..?

Our drive up from Chandigarh took bloody hours longer then we were told…and the traffic around the hillstation of Shimla was insane….yes the Indian population has grown in more ways then one since I was up this way about 15 years back….there are lots more of them, they have lots more money to spend and most of those who have cars want to travel …” Just like us “….and they are doing it…thus prices have gone up the roads are much more congested…and to boot it’s school holiday time….AAAAAArrrrr….. not a great time to travel up here. but hey, the bloody scenary is just wonderful the monasteries. temples. hotels. not forgetting my wonderful travelling companions….who I feel I am bonding with just beautifully after a short lull in our relationship….All good.

We head for Nako early morning after looking at the beautiful monastery and temples here in Kalpa……talk about packing it in….

A few Photos, enjoy Mjw 16/6/17.


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