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Vajrasattava Empowerment


Vajrasattava is the Tibetan Buddha of confession and forgiveness. I attended this wonderful process on Sunday 13th August 2017 at the Sakya Dolma Choe Ling in Eastwood. Sydney. The days process was led by Lama Choedak. Lama is based in Canberra. and has many Buddhist centres both here in Australia and overseas. I have known Him personally  for over 21 years and  I try to attend these sacred Buddhist Empowerment events that unfold in Sydney. usually around  2 or 3 times a year. Lama always has that spark. that presence that others aspire to. but always fall short of. He shares his all. On these special one day events he always shares truths and practices ( exercises ) in a no nonsense straight forward way. he hits the” Mark ” in me in a way that others have trouble conveying to their audience. On each of these Buddhist processes that I attend. I always leave with another little bundle of truths and teckniques that I can apply to my daily spiritual practice’s. I am very grateful that I am able to attend these special moments on my spiritual Sojourn to Eternity and Beyond.

A few Photos talen at the event. Enjoy.

Michael J Wright 20/8/17

”Spiti to Naggar” and back to OZ Land.


A catch up, back in Sydney. Spiti valley with its snow clad Mountains, beautiful old Buddhist monasteries. not forgetting the roughtest dirt roads in the bloody World. our poor old Delhi based driver had lots of nervous moments driving through both flooded creeks and deep snow drifts. not forgetting huge potholes all over the road. he drove with the heart of a bloody rally driver. nothing put him off. we drove almost no-stop from Kalpa in the Spiti valley across to Manali a huge feat considering the terrain that we had to traverse. we did it in record time 12 hrs with a few stops along the way for a few photo stops. Kunza-pass about 5400mtrs. Kye monastery and of cause the sacred beautiful landscape. The Rotang-pass covered in snow and Indian tourists happly snapping Selfies. O Dear. over the pass down to Manali should have only taken an hour or two…..5hrs later, Fuc……..! eventually we got into Manali. too my suprise it was wall to wall with indian tourists. reminded me of a visit to the Royal Easter show when I was about 5. insane. Manali was just a stopover on our way to Naggar 1hr away. we did enjoy some wonderful yummy food, beer, red wine and great live music at a trendy Cafe-restaurant called Johnstons Cafe. If your up Manali way check it out. great place. beware of the aging Indian rocker…..he loved to sing  bad American country and western songs…..lovely man. pity of his choice of music…two nights here then to Naggar. 

Naggar at an elevation of just over 2000mtrs. is my favorite destination in the Kullu valley. we stayed at the very comfortaly, very friendly. Alliance guest house for two nights where our host, Gilbert and his daughter Eva could not do enough for us. home away from home for me. Maryanne and Andrew also felt as I did regarding our stay at Alliance. I had my first tast of this place back in 2011 when I stayed here for about 10 days as I had a solo Photo installation at the nearby Roerich Gallery.

We did visit the Roerich Gallery. I decided to talk 3 of my little Wandjina figures hoping to place them in places of interest around the centre and other areas of interest as we wandered around the local area. first up the gallery. Maryanne bought a lovely little watercolour done by a local artist. here I bumped into Baba, who was the cultural officer back in 2011 when I had my solo show here. great to see him again. then to the centre. to view the Roerich collection on display there. I wondered around the back of the centre to meditate at the lovely little Temonos with its sacred collection of  ancient sculptures of the Kullu valleys Dieties. collected by Roerich way back at the turn of the century. they are just beautiful. love this sacred Temonos with its Dieties under a huge Himalayan Cedar tree. ( Cedar trees correspond to the celestial realm) Lucky me, would you believe my luck…the Old Priest who looks after this sacred Temonos was just starting his daily Puja. this puja I have been told, has been performed every day here since the site was created by Roerich back at the turn of the century….about 90 years. so lots of Baraka flowing around for those in need. The Old Priest recognised me from back in 2011. as I did attend many of his sacred Puja’s. I just so happened to have a lovely colour copy of Portraid that I took of him back in 2011. I gave this to him. he was thrilled. then displayed it on or as part of the alter-pieces. he then beckoned me to stand my 3 little Wandjina totems in this magic Temenos too…..Wow. this to me was a dream come true…Representaions of Divine states on an Altar with celestial states around them. under a sacred cedar tree. this to me was a real heavenly state. To Sojourn from state to state with protection from higher Life.

Our drive from Naggar to Delhi took about 12hrs……thought it would never End. our last night in India was at the wonderful World Buddhist centre in Delhi. Lama Tashi greeted us with joy. this Guy OI love. the Wandjinas enjoyed wandering around the temple area on the ground floor for

a Photo shoot. then to the International airport for our Air India flight back to Sydney. lots of excess baggage fees for me…Fuc…..Will I ever learn…? we arrived. Maryanne. Andrew and myself a lot closer in both friendship and the sharing of work terms and ideas……this was a real Sojourn of spiritual  sharing for all three of us. loved it. and I am sure all sorts of “stuff” will come forth out of it. As for where do I go now with the Wandjina totems….? they have a Life of their own……I will just observe. take notes and Enjoy their celestial Sojourn.   ( A few Photos. enjoy )

M J Wright. 6/7/17

A Folley…or what…?


Our hire car driver keeps getting lost…..!   Is the Pope Cathalic…?   the question that keeps coming up on this Sojourn  is ” Why Am I here ? ” why am I here in this lovely dusty car manic part of Nth India ? Sojourning presently in Kinnaur district. Why…?  Is it for the fantastic photography, Temples, Monasteries, high Mountain roads with the mad bus/truck/car drivers all attempting to get to their destinations before dark or another landslide …?   Why…?   A Folley more then What..?

Our drive up from Chandigarh took bloody hours longer then we were told…and the traffic around the hillstation of Shimla was insane….yes the Indian population has grown in more ways then one since I was up this way about 15 years back….there are lots more of them, they have lots more money to spend and most of those who have cars want to travel …” Just like us “….and they are doing it…thus prices have gone up the roads are much more congested…and to boot it’s school holiday time….AAAAAArrrrr….. not a great time to travel up here. but hey, the bloody scenary is just wonderful the monasteries. temples. hotels. not forgetting my wonderful travelling companions….who I feel I am bonding with just beautifully after a short lull in our relationship….All good.

We head for Nako early morning after looking at the beautiful monastery and temples here in Kalpa……talk about packing it in….

A few Photos, enjoy Mjw 16/6/17.

“Rock Garden Sojourning”


Well here again, feels different now that Nek Chand is in Rocky heaven. bless his soul. the Garden itself around the main office area is fantastic. great job Anuj. the office itself has been cleaned up dramatically…..actually very tidy….very un-Nek Chand. who. felt very comfortable with all his ” stuff ” surrounding him. I know how he felt….I Enjoy my stuff around me at home.

So I am here for three things….or perhaps more…?  No1 To attend the annual Nek Chand celebration covering a big cultural program…….. and a Seminar. at which I presented a paper titled ” Why am I here ? ”  it went down very well……I think..?…no I am not typing it out for this Blog….. No 2 to attend the opening of the long awaited Dolls House Museumin the RG.  No 3 to show my solo exhiubition ….( as part of the celebrations) titled  ” A Celestial Sojourn to Nth India—Wandjina Dreaming ” The Seminar was a blast, the Dolls house and my exhibition I missed due to strange weather….It’s India. dissapointment is but the shedding of aspects of one’ silly little ego. I am feeling a little bare…

Met lots of very wonderful people ate lots and lots of yummy Indian food…..Loved taking about 1000 photos in the Dolls museum and other pards of the RG…travelling with great people. and we leave tomorrow for the North…The Gompa trail…..yipeeeeee.

A few photos enjoy.   Mjw  14/6/17.

“Faces of Divine Light”


Sunday 16/4/2017. I put together a wonderful collection of Photos that I have taken over the last few years of Sojourning France, Spain & Portugal. of  what i see as images of ” Light “. that is the face of Christ. God-Man, A Photo installation of 90 wonderful Divine Doorways. A real Joy to assemble out of a collection of well over 500 images. very hard to choose. in the end I chose a line of Christ’s growth from infancy to his death on the cross. then to the resurection.  Wow, though this was thought about for many years…the shock. the overwhelming Awe of seeing these images filling the walls of the church in Roseville. was a little overwhelming even for me. I kept asking myself….who am I to show these sacred images here…?  A strange feeling..? very hard to describe. lots to ponder upon here…Real Cosmic ” stuff “.

The exhibition was held at the venue the New Church in Roseville Sydney. on Sunday 16/4/2017. the images were up on display for one day only. My friend John Bayot gave a wonderful 2hr discourse on this process The Face of Christ. just as astonishing as the 90 images. again lots of deep Pondering to do here.

The Mystic Swedenborg wrote that the face of the Lord signified the Divine Principle itself in its essence, which is Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom, consequently himself,  ” Revelation i. 6.”

Faces to me, represent doorways to new fresh spiritual states of being. Greater life and pathways to the soul of the person or image one is looking at or into.

Mjw. April 2017.    A few Photos of the process to enjoy.

Canberra Dreaming


A two day Sojourn down to Canberra last week by car. Goulbourn, Rosie’s Cafe is the place for a stop. great Coffee and Burger. not forgetting some interesting sculptures. Canberra, stayed two nights at a good friends place. Fantastic vege- dinner, great bottle of red. great to catch up and share stories of travel adventures etc etc.  sleep came easy,

A mad charg around Canberra, first up I visited the National Library  to get a copy of a little booklet that the Lachland Vintage Village. just outside Forbs produced to advertise this mok-up Old Australia village. this happened back in the mid 1970s.  I was part of the original advertising stuff and yes appeared in the booklet as the infomous bushranger Ben Hall….yep, I started early. the agency that hired us for a week of onset- shoots, in the end did not pay us….bloody crooks. but lots of fun and good for the CV….Part of my 15 minutes. Sad to say this Old town venture only lasted a couple of years then went belly up. after copying the booklet we ventured up to the National Gallery. the walk there was lined with very beautiful public sculptures both modern and some lovely aboriginal pieces that I had not seen before on my various Sojourns to our Capital. I just love the National Gallery. we went straight to the sculpture garden. I never tire of taking lots of Photo’s here. A world of its own. a real Place of just opening yourself to this rich state of Art. and Enjoying it. then inside the gallery. here i encountered a visual feast of Golden Oldies and Eastern Delights…this place never lets me down. ( I am not going to give indepth details here, go see and enjoy for yourself ).

After the gallery we rushed of in Canberra’s Peak hour traffic…..yes we got lost, my Bad driving and our IPhone guidance system had a little melt-down…MMMMmmm…! but we eventually got to our destination the Hotel-Hotel. very swish….I Like. we met Pete there to go and see his son Nelson’s graduation.he did a Ba in Media.  and yes you guessed.  it was in Parliament house. The ceremony was quick, to the Point. uplifting and in reality a Big thanks and goodby from the University that gave them the chance to be qualified at something more then a labourer…though I wonder where all these bright young graduates will be working in the years ahead….hoping they will be in places they love.  lots of great cheer, Photos then off to a Italian restaurant close to the Hotel Hotel….very expensive I thought for what we got, service 1 out of 10. rudeness 10 out of 10. then back to the Hotel -Hotel. I enjoyed a very nice Art book in their library…very trendy place….I Like. the book was by   Esthen Tielemans . titled  New Scenes.  it was about an art exhibition in the  Museum Van Bommel Van Dan Venlo…I think ..Holland   or  Germany…the book-catalogue was on the Sculptural Art that I would love to do…very geometrical, flat 2-3d, mono colours and big and bold. this sort of sculpture I would love to do. but where to make it…?…where to show it here in OZ Land…?…then what to do with it if it does not sell…?…Life as it is,  as I read this lovely book…half in German—half in English…the overwhelming state engulfted me……I just wanner go right now to Berlin Germany and set my self up as an Outsider sculpture putting this type of lovely work together for say 3 months.just a total ” Art-OUT “…..then Reality came…we need to drive back to our home-stay in the dark with a broken IPhone guiding us.Fuc……We made it.

Last day, I managed to get a nice bundle of Cacti-suclent cuttings out of the lovely rambling garden surrounding our house. hope they survive and take in their new location in Balmain..? after a late breakfast we went to the National Arboretum, some 20 minutes drive away. Wow its Big and New..all the plants, gardens landscapings are very recent. but wow its gonna look Great in a few years. the only maturity in the place was the very lovely National Bonsai and Penjing collection….very yummy. in its own little wall enclosed space..took lots of lovely tree photos here, next was the Labyrinth garden..I just love Labyrinth’s, the Sojourn from self to Self…..this sacred space is based on the medival pattern inspired by Notre-Dame Chartres Cathedral’s Labyrinth in Chartres in France…very nice. lucky me I also had the pleasure a couple of years back on a visit to France to walk this original 8th century one in Chartres. Wow.  Lots of Photo’s here in this place….a little on the weird but sacred side. this place is….worth a visit, I will return.

Then a long non stop 3 & half drive back to Sydney town…arrived in Pennant Hills 8-30pm totally RS. enjoy a few Photos.

Mjw.  21/4/17



A Fourth-way Talk. enjoy.


Note: This post is from a talk on esoteric Christianity I gave at the People’s Church for Divine Prophesy in Daytona Beach, Florida Thanks Ashkhen and thanks you all for coming to listen to me this morning. I am going to talk about Esoteric Christianity and Beelzebub’s Tales. I will open my talk with this […]

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