“Rock Garden Dreaming”


Remembering the Great Indian Outsider Artist Nek Chand, 1924-2015. I am celebrating his birthday  (15/12/16) here in Sydney with a Photo-installation and a series of original drawings done back in 2012 by students from the Arts college in Chandigarh Nth India. these drawings were done for a one day Pop-up exhibition that I curated as part of a 9 day solo exhibition that I was invited to have in the Rock Garden by Nek Chand. both processes were just amazing.and I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity and invitation from Nek Chand to put it all together.

This exhibition in Sydney, ran for 3 days from Thursday 15th to Saturday 17th December 2016. in the Rozelle School of Visual Arts. in Rozelle Sydney. the photos in the installation were taken by me over many years of visiting the wonderland that Nek Chand created over many decades in the forest on the outskirts of the city of Chandigarh. a real pleasure to humbly show a few of my Photos to those who are interested in True Outsider Art.taken in a wonderful magic garden setting known simply as the  Rock Garden.

The mystic Swedenborg wrote that a garden spiritually signifies a state of high Wisdom. Nek Chand,s vision of his Divine Kingdom of Sukrani illustrates this state of great Wisdom beautifully. You just need to walk around it to see and sense its beauty, harmony and order, and the way it is laid out with its sculptures in both small groupings and larger installations. This is telling the visitor “Hey, look at what’s going on here”.

This exhibition I have very much enjoyed putting on here in Sydney, I do believe there are lots of other celebrations in remembrance of this Great Outsider happening all around the World over these 3 days. I am very happy to be part of this celebration. He was a great visionary man, a great loss to both India and the World.

I do hope the custodians of this wonderful Labyrinth of Truth  (the Rock Garden) do keep the essence of his Divine Kingdom of Sukrani alive and vibrant for decades to come.

Mjw. 21/12/16.


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